About five million people have decided to cut the cord every year since 2019; this includes cancelling paid television subscriptions. These numbers are expected to increase annually as more than 75 percent of U.S. households rely on subscription services, such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

With the growth in the number of people cancelling television subscription services, Cox.com has established a straightforward, customer-centered return policy. This policy allows you to cancel your cable service and other Cox Communications services at any time. Continue reading to learn more about the Cox.com refund and cancellation policy:

How long do I have to return my Cox equipment?

Any Cox equipment you were given as a subscriber must be returned to the company within 15 calendar days of cancelling service. If the equipment is not returned, you risk being charged for all equipment not returned to Cox.

If you purchased your equipment from Cox.com, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to return the item to a Cox-owned retail store.

Do I need to return my Cox equipment?

In most situations, when cancelling, upgrading, or downgrading your service, Cox requires you to return the equipment you currently have. The Cox customer service representative you speak with will notify you if you need to return your equipment. If you have to return your equipment, you must do so within 15 calendar days to avoid additional equipment charges.

What items need to be returned to Cox?

Items often requested by Cox to be returned to avoid charges may include the following:

  • Power cords and supplies
  • Internet modems
  • Telephone modems
  • Digital receivers
  • Remote controls
  • Homelife leased touchscreen

What happens if I don't return my Cox equipment?

If you do not return your equipment to Cox, they will charge you for the non-returned equipment 15 calendar days after you cancell or adjust your service.

Does Cox charge equipment return fees?

cox.com - return policy - equipment

Cox does not charge equipment return fees if the equipment is returned within 15 calendar days of your disconnection, upgrading, or downgrading services.

Does Cox charge a cancellation fee?

Cox may charge a cancellation fee depending on the reason for cancelling and how long you have been a customer. If you are moving to another home within Cox’s service area, your service can be transferred for no additional fees. However, if you need to cancel your service for any reason, there is a cancellation fee of $240, which is reduced by $10 each month you have Cox services. Once you have had your services for over two years, there is no cancellation fee.

Cox.com return policy restocking fee

Cox may charge you a restocking fee when exchanging or returning equipment. When cancelling service, ask the customer service representative if there will be a restocking fee or additional fees when returning your equipment.

How do I return Cox Communications Equipment after I've Cancelled it?

There are several ways to return your Cox Communications equipment after you have cancelled service. You can return the equipment in the following ways:

  • Drop off at any Cox store location
  • Request a return label and drop it off at any UPS store location
  • Request a service technician to pick it up

Where to return Cox equipment?

Return to store

You can return your equipment to any Cox retail store location. Visit Cox.com for a list of retail stores near you.

Can you return your Cox equipment to any store?

Yes. You can return your equipment to any Cox retail store location.

UPS Store

Upon cancelling your Cox service, you can request a free return label and drop your equipment off at your nearest UPS Store.

Mail It In

If you do not have a Cox retail store or UPS Store near you, you can request a return shipping label and mail your equipment through the postal service.

Technician Pick-up

If you prefer, you can request a Cox technician to come to your home and pick up your equipment.

How To Cancel Your Cox Services?

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The best way to cancel your Cox services is to call the customer service and retention department at (800) 234-3993.

Cancel Internet Services

To cancel Internet services with Cox, it is best to call the company’s customer service and retention department at (800) 234-3993. Cox's customer service department is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. ET and from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. ET on Saturday.

Cancel Streaming Services

If you are only cancelling some of the streaming services you signed up for through Cox, you can easily do it using your Contour Steam Player. Here are the steps to cancel streaming services with Cox:

  • Access the applications screen on the Contour receiver
  • Use the arrow buttons on the Contour remote control to highlight and select the streaming service you wish to cancel
  • Press OK
  • Use the arrow buttons to highlight “Manage My Subscriptions”
  • Press OK
  • Use the arrow buttons to highlight “Unsubscribe”
  • Press OK

How to Return Cox Equipment? Quick Guide

Return Mobile Device

Contact Cox customer service to receive a return label to ship your mobile device back via UPS. You can also find a Cox retail store near you to return your mobile device.

Return Business Equipment

If you have business equipment to return to Cox, you can take it to your nearest Cox retail store location or get a return label and drop the equipment off at a UPS Store.

Return Modem

If you have a modem to return, contact Cox customer service to find a local Cox retail store or to get a return label to drop the equipment off at a UPS Store.

How can I return my equipment late?

To avoid additional charges, Cox requires all equipment to be returned within 15 calendar days after cancelling services. If it is past the return date, you must speak with a Cox representative to avoid charges and schedule a time to deliver the equipment. If you have been charged, you must talk with the representative to see if you may qualify for a refund once you have returned the items.

If you purchased equipment from Cox and wish to return it, you have within 30 days of purchase for a refund. Returned equipment must be in its original condition and with its original packaging. If you return it after 30 days, you may not be entitled to a full refund.

Cox.com return policy without receipt, box, or tags

cox.com - return policy - equipment - services

Equipment included with your Cox services does not have to have the original box, tags, or receipt. However, if it is the equipment you purchased, you must have the receipt, original box, and tags attached to the equipment to receive a full refund.

Cox.com return policy broken items or used items

If your Cox equipment is broken, you can exchange it for a new device by contacting customer service. Used or damaged items purchased from Cox will not be accepted unless there is a manufacturer defect.

Can I exchange my Cox cable box?

Yes, you can exchange your Cox cable box for any reason, including if it is no longer working or if you are upgrading services.

Cox.com return policy customer services

Mail Support

Cox Enterprises
6205 Peachtree Dunwoody Road
Atlanta, GA 30328

Phone Number Support

The Cox customer service and retention department’s phone number is (800) 234-3993.

Based on the fact that Cox only gives consumers 15 days to return items, we give their return and exchange policy a rating of 3. Though they do accept all equipment, the risk of receiving additional fees for a late return or for cancelling service within the first two years also affects this rating.