When planning a vacation, understanding the cancellation policy of your chosen accommodation is crucial. Tafer Hotels & Resorts offers a comprehensive policy, ensuring that guests are fully informed of their options should their travel plans change. This article provides an in-depth look at the cancellation and refund policies of TaferResorts, offering insights into how to manage your booking effectively.

What Is The Tafer Hotel & Resorts Cancellation Policy?

At Tafer Hotels & Resorts, guests are required to be aware of the cancellation policy that is in place. It states that cancellations made on the date of arrival or in case of no-shows will incur a charge for the full length of the reservation. This ensures that guests have a clear understanding of the financial implications should they need to cancel their stay.

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Reservation cancellations must be made at least three days prior to arrival to avoid such charges. Keep in mind that certain blackout dates exist where the cancellation policy may differ, such as from December 24 to January 1st, and all weekends in December.

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What Is The Tafer Hotel & Resorts Refund Policy?

Tafer Hotels & Resorts' refund policy is straightforward: payment is non-refundable. This applies to the full-payment deposit required to complete your purchase which includes room rate, taxes, and services. However, if your booking falls under a special promotion, the terms might differ, and it is advisable to review the specific conditions of the offer.

How To Cancel Or Change Your Tafer Hotel & Resorts' Booking?

If you need to cancel or change your booking at Tafer Hotel & Resorts, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official website of Tafer Hotel & Resorts and log in to your account.
  2. Go to the "My Reservations" section and find the booking you want to cancel or change.
  3. Next to your reservation, click the "Cancel" or "Modify" option, then adhere to the on-screen directions.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email with the details of your cancellation or modification.
  5. If you have any questions or issues, you can contact the customer service team at 1-800-343-7821 or email [email protected].

How Much Is Cancellation Fee On Tafer Hotel & Resorts?

The cancellation fee at Tafer Hotel & Resorts is the total cost of the reservation. This means that, should you cancel on the arrival date or fail to show, you will be charged for the entirety of your booked stay as per the policy terms.

What Is The Cancellation Policy For Hotels On Tafer Hotel & Resorts?

All hotels under the Tafer Hotels & Resorts umbrella adhere to the same cancellation policy. Regardless of the specific hotel you've booked, the same terms regarding cancellation fees and no-show charges apply.

Can You Cancel A Non-Refundable Reservation On Tafer Hotel & Resorts?

A non-refundable reservation cannot typically be canceled without incurring the full cost of the stay. However, it is always best to reach out to customer service to discuss any extenuating circumstances that might warrant a review of your particular situation.

How Long Does Tafer Hotel & Resorts Take To Refund Money?

Given that the Tafer Hotel & Resorts policy states that payments are non-refundable, there should typically be no expectation of a refund after a cancellation. In cases where a refund may be applicable, it is best to inquire directly with the resort for the estimated processing time.

How Do I Check My Refund Status On Tafer Hotel & Resorts?

To check the status of a refund, which is an uncommon occurrence given the non-refundable nature of the payments, guests should contact Tafer Hotel & Resorts' customer service directly.

How Do I Speak To A Manager At Tafer Hotel & Resorts?

If you require further assistance or need to speak to a manager, you can send an email to [email protected]. Provide your booking details and the nature of your inquiry, and a manager will be in touch to assist you.


In conclusion, Tafer Hotels & Resorts' cancellation policy is designed to be transparent and ensure that guests are fully informed before making their reservation. Remember that cancellations and changes are subject to the terms of the policy, and it is vital to communicate with the resort in a timely manner. Although payments are generally non-refundable, understanding the policy details can help you navigate any changes to your travel plans with greater ease and confidence.