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Free Return & Refund Policy Generator

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Our Return Policy Generator simplifies the process of creating a Return & Refund Policy document for your online store or any business, ensuring your customers are well-informed about your return and refund policies.

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Generate a personalized Return & Refund Policy tailored to the distinct needs of your e-commerce store within just a few minutes.

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Once your customized Return & Refund Policy is generated, you can easily download it, or simply copy and paste it into your website. Works with Shopify, Woocommerce, Wix, and all of the e-commerce store builders.

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Return & Refund Policy for ecommerce stores

Regardless of the ecommerce platform you choose to use (shopify, woocommerce, wix, etc.) your store should feature a comprehensive Return & Refund Policy. This allows you to define and maintain specific requirements and limitations concerning returns and refunds offered by you, ensuring that your customers are well-informed about these procedures.

While a Return & Refund Policy is not legally mandated in most countries, it is essential to inform your store’s customers about your policies if you intend to enforce them. For instance, certain U.S. states may require a Return & Refund Policy if your policy differs from the rights granted by that particular state. Protect yourself with a simple, yet solid return policy.

Return & Refund Policy for ecommerce stores
Return & Refund Policy for ecommerce stores

Free Return and Refund Policy Template Document

If you are of the kind that prefers a good old sample return policy document for download, you can use our free generator to create a free customized sample return policy, and then copy and paste it into your favorite word-processing software for editing. Our return policy template document can be used by any store operating from U.S states; such as California, New York, Florida, Texas, and all other 50 states and U.S territories like Puerto Rico. Our free return policy also works in countries; such as the U.K, Canada, and Australia.


A Return and Refund Policy serves as a crucial document where you communicate essential details to your customers regarding your procedures for accepting returns and handling refunds. This policy typically includes information on the following key topics:

  • Return Timeframe: Specify the number of days within which customers are allowed to initiate a return after receiving a product.

  • Conditions for Returns: Outline the conditions that must be met for a product to be eligible for a return. This may include requirements such as the product being in its original packaging, unused, and in resalable condition.

  • Return Shipping: Clarify who is responsible for covering the cost of return shipping. This could be the customer, the seller, or a combination of both, depending on your policy.

  • Refund Processing Time: Provide an estimate of the expected turnaround time for processing refunds once a return is approved. This helps set customer expectations.

  • Refund Method: Specify the method through which refunds will be issued. This could be in the form of store credit, a refund to the original payment method, or other alternatives you offer.

By addressing these elements in your Return & Refund Policy, you ensure transparency and clarity in your business practices, which can lead to improved customer satisfaction and trust.

You can use our return policy generator to create a return policy for any store within the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and any other English-speaking country.

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