Planning a trip can be an exciting process, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances require a change of plans. Whether you're a new or regular Marriott customer, this guide will walk you through the process of changing or canceling your reservation, the potential costs involved, and how to get a refund if applicable.

What Is The Marriott Bonvoy's Cancellation Policy?

The Marriott Bonvoy cancellation policy varies depending on the hotel location, the rate type, and the timing of your cancellation. In general, the policy is outlined in your reservation confirmation email. It's important to review this information to understand the specific conditions and any potential fees that may apply if you cancel outside the agreed terms of your reservation.

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What Is The Marriott Bonvoy Refund Policy?

If you cancel a reservation within the specified cancellation period, Marriott typically issues a refund for any prepaid rates. For reservations made with Marriott Bonvoy points or a Free Night Award, these will be returned to your account immediately if the cancellation is made within the policy terms. Keep an eye on your account to ensure the points or awards are returned promptly.

How Can I Change or Cancel My Hotel Reservation?

If you need to change or cancel your hotel reservation on Marriott Bonvoy, you can follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Marriott Bonvoy account on the website or app.
  • Go to My Trips and select the reservation you want to modify or cancel.
  • Click on Change or Cancel and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Review the cancellation policy and fees before confirming your decision.
  • You will receive an email confirmation with the details of your change or cancellation.

How Much Is Cancellation Fee On Marriott Bonvoy?

The cancellation fee for a Marriott reservation depends on the specific terms of your booking. Some rates may offer free cancellation up until a certain point, while others may impose a fee. Always check your reservation details for the exact cancellation terms, including any fees that may apply if you cancel past the deadline.

Can You Cancel A Non-Refundable Reservation On Marriott Bonvoy?

Generally, non-refundable reservations cannot be cancelled without incurring the full cost of the stay. However, circumstances may vary, and it's worth contacting Marriott directly to discuss any possible options.

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How Long Does Marriott Bonvoy Take To Refund Money?

Marriott processes refunds promptly once a cancellation is made within the policy terms. The actual time it takes for the refund to appear on your credit card or bank account may vary, typically taking a few business days. If you do not see your refund within 10 business days, reach out to Marriott Customer Support for assistance.

How Do I Speak To A Manager At Marriott Bonvoy?

If you need to escalate a concern or speak to a manager, you can call the Marriott Customer Support line. Find the Worldwide Reservation Numbers on their website, and choose the number closest to your location for assistance.


The Marriott cancellation policy is designed to provide guests with clarity and flexibility. By understanding the terms of your reservation, you can make informed decisions about changing or cancelling your stay. Remember to review the cancellation and refund policies in your confirmation email, and don't hesitate to contact customer support if you need further assistance. Whether you're using the Marriott website or the Bonvoy Mobile App, managing your reservations is straightforward and user-friendly.

  • Review your reservation confirmation email for specific cancellation details.
  • Use the Marriott website or Bonvoy Mobile App for easy reservation changes or cancellations.
  • Contact customer support for help with refunds and any issues not resolved online.