For anyone considering a purchase from Saatva Mattress, it's important to understand the company's return policy. Your satisfaction is a top priority, and Saatva's return policy is designed to ensure a comfortable and confident purchase. Whether you're a new customer or a regular patron, knowing the ins and outs of the return process can save you time and ensure a smooth experience.

What Is The Return And Refund Policy For Saatva Mattress?

Saatva offers a generous 365-night home trial for mattresses, foundations, and bedroom furniture, giving customers ample time to decide if their purchase is the right fit. In the event you're not satisfied, you can return these items for a full refund, less a $99 processing fee. All returned mattresses are either donated to veterans' shelters or shared with network associates and employees, rather than being resold.

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Does Saatva Offer Exchanges?

Saatva facilitates exchanges during the 365-night home trial. If you wish to exchange for a different mattress size or height, you can do so by paying a $99 processing fee for the replacement delivery and mattress pickup. The new mattress will also come with a fresh 365-night trial period.

How Long Does It Take To Get Refund From Saatva?

Once Saatva has scheduled the pickup of your returned item, the refund is issued promptly to your original method of payment. The exact timing for the refund to appear in your account may depend on your bank's processing times.

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How Can You Return An Item To Saatva?

You can return an item to Saatva within a certain time frame depending on the product. Here are the general steps to follow:

  • Contact Saatva’s customer service by calling 1-877-672-2882 or emailing [email protected]
  • Provide your order number and the reason for your return
  • Schedule a pick-up date and time with the delivery team
  • Pay a $99 processing fee for the pick-up service
  • Wait for your refund to be processed within 7 days of the pick-up

The refund will be issued to your original method of payment, minus the processing fee. You can also exchange your item for a different size or height, but you will have to pay the same processing fee and start a new trial period. Some products, such as the Saatva Adjustable Base and the Lineal Adjustable Base, are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

Can I Return A Saatva Item Without A Receipt?

Given the direct-to-consumer business model, Saatva likely has a record of your purchase. However, it's always best to have your receipt or order number handy to facilitate the return process.

Can You Return Used Items To Saatva?

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Yes, you can return used items to Saatva. The company understands that you need to use the product to know if it's right for you. Just make sure to wash any used bedding before returning.

Can You Return A Saatva Item Without The Original Box Or Package?

Original packaging is not required for returning mattresses or large furniture items. For smaller items like bedding, having the original packaging can help ensure the item is protected during transport.

How To Contact Saatva?

To get in touch with Saatva for returns or any inquiries, call their customer service at 1-877-672-2882 or email [email protected]. Their team is available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.


In summary, Saatva's return policy is customer-friendly, offering extensive trial periods and straightforward refund and exchange options. Always remember the 365-night home trial for mattresses and furniture, the 45-day return period for bedding, and the $99 processing fee for returns and exchanges. If you ever need assistance, Saatva's customer service is just a call or email away. With this knowledge, you can shop with confidence and peace of mind.