Shopping at Rush Market offers a variety of products, from Open Box Deals to brand-new items, each with its own set of return protocols. Understanding the Rush Market return policy is critical for a seamless shopping experience, whether you're a new customer or a regular shopper. This article will delve into the details of the return policy, providing you with all the necessary information to ensure you can shop with confidence and know exactly how to proceed if a return is on the horizon.

What Is The Return And Refund Policy For The Rush Market?

Open Box Deals at Rush Market are considered final sales, meaning they cannot be returned or refunded once purchased. However, if you buy an Open Box Deal in-store at Omaha, NE or Media, PA, you can return the product within 30 days provided it's in the same condition as when purchased. For New Products, Rush Market offers an easy 30-day return policy. These items must be returned in their original, unused condition, with the process initiated by contacting customer service.

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Does The Rush Market Offer Exchanges?

Rush Market does not explicitly state an exchange policy, so it's safe to assume that the focus is on returns and refunds rather than direct exchanges. For specific concerns or situations where an exchange might be necessary, it's best to reach out to their customer service directly.

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How Long Does It Take To Get Refund From The Rush Market?

Upon receiving your returned item at one of their warehouse locations, Rush Market begins the refund process which typically takes 3 - 7 business days. However, depending on your financial institution, it can take up to 2 weeks for the funds to reflect in your account.

How Can You Return An Item To The Rush Market?

To return an item to The Rush Market, you can follow these steps:

  • Check the return policy: Review The Rush Market's return policy on their website to ensure your item is eligible for return.
  • Return period: Make sure to initiate the return within the specified time frame mentioned in the policy.
  • Condition of the item: Ensure the item is in its original condition, packaging, and with all accessories or parts that it came with.
  • Proof of purchase: Have your receipt or proof of purchase ready to show as evidence of your transaction.
  • Contact customer service: Reach out to The Rush Market's customer service for guidance on the return process and where to send or bring the item.
  • Follow instructions: Adhere to any specific instructions provided by customer service, such as filling out a return form or providing a reason for the return.
  • Shipping or drop-off: Depending on the policy, you may need to ship the item back or return it to a physical location. If shipping, pack the item securely and send it to the address provided by The Rush Market.
  • Refund or exchange: After the return is processed, you will either receive a refund or be able to exchange the item, based on the terms of the return policy.

Please note that return policies can vary, and it's important to check the specific terms and conditions for The Rush Market to ensure a smooth return process. If you need further assistance, visiting The Rush Market's help center or contacting their customer support directly would be the best course of action.

Can I Return A The Rush Market Item Without A Receipt?

Proof of purchase, typically in the form of a receipt or order confirmation, is required for all returns to ensure they can be accurately processed. Without this documentation, a return may not be possible.

Can You Return Used Items To The Rush Market?

New products must be returned unused and in their original packaging. Open Box Deals are final sales and cannot be returned once purchased, regardless of their use.

Can You Return A The Rush Market Item Without The Original Box Or Package?

Items should be returned in their original packaging. If the original packaging is not available, it’s best to contact customer service for guidance on the appropriate steps to take.

Can I Return A Gift To The Rush Market?

Gift returns are subject to the same policies as regular returns. The return should be processed by the original purchaser, and the refund will be issued to the original method of payment.

How To Contact The Rush Market?

For any inquiries regarding returns, refunds, or other customer service needs, you can reach out to Rush Market at [email protected].


Understanding Rush Market's return policy can help you shop with assurance, knowing you have options if your purchase doesn't meet your expectations. Remember that while Open Box Deals are final, you have a 30-day window to return new products. Always maintain the item in its original condition and packaging for a smooth return process, and reach out to customer service with any questions or for clarification. With this knowledge, you're well-equipped to enjoy your shopping experience at Rush Market.