Shopping online with The RealReal offers a treasure trove of luxury consignment items, but understanding the return policy is crucial for a stress-free experience. Whether you're a new enthusiast or a seasoned shopper, being aware of the return process can help you make informed decisions and ensure satisfaction with your purchases. Let's dive into the essentials of the The RealReal return policy.

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What Are The Specifics Of The Realreal's Return And Refund Policy?

The RealReal operates with a clear return policy that requires action within a set timeframe. Customers must request a return within 14 days of in-store purchase or original shipment date. Once a return is requested, items must be sent back within 21 days of in-store purchase or shipment date. Note that items with a missing or removed security tag, received after 21 days, or those sold at 40% or more off the list price are not returnable.

There's also a unique aspect for in-store returns, which are subject to a $6.95 restocking fee. However, this fee is waived if you make another purchase in-store at the time of the return. For online purchases, a $14.95 shipping fee will be deducted from your refund if you use The RealReal's shipping label.

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Does The Realreal Provide Options For Exchanges?

The RealReal is primarily a consignment platform, meaning that each item is unique. Consequently, direct exchanges for a different size or color are not typically offered. If you're interested in a different item, you'll need to return the original purchase and make a new one, subject to availability.

How Much Time Does It Typically Take To Receive A Refund From The Realreal?

After The RealReal receives your return, a confirmation email will be sent. The authorization process can take up to five business days. Refunds to credit cards may take additional processing time depending on your bank, while refunds in the form of site credit or mailed checks will process more swiftly.

What Is The Step-By-Step Process For Returning An Item To The Realreal?

  • Request a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA) within 14 days of purchase or shipment.
  • Prepare the item(s) for return with adequate packaging.
  • Complete the return portion of the Packing Slip, including the RMA number, and place it inside the package.
  • Affix the return address label to the outside of your package.
  • Ship the return using the prepaid label or your preferred carrier.

Can I Initiate A Return For The Realreal Item Without A Receipt?

Proof of purchase is required for returns at The RealReal. This can be in the form of an order number or packing slip. Without this, a return cannot be processed.

Is It Possible To Return Pre-Owned Items To The Realreal?

Yes, pre-owned items can be returned if they meet the return policy conditions, such as being within the 21-day timeframe and having the security tag attached.

Can I Return A The Realreal Item Without The Original Box Or Package?

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While original packaging is preferred, it is not a strict requirement for returns. Ensure that your items are well-packaged and secure for transit.

Does The Realreal Accept Returns Without The Original Tag Attached?

No, items must have the original security tag attached to be eligible for a return.

What Is The Procedure For Returning A Gift To The Realreal?

If you've received an item as a gift, you can still return it following the regular return process. You'll need the order number or packing slip details to initiate the return.

How Can I Easily Get In Touch With The Realreal For Assistance Or Inquiries?

For any assistance, you can reach out to The RealReal customer service at [email protected] or text the word SUPPORT to 50347 for prompt help.


The RealReal's return policy is designed to provide a fair and straightforward process for both new and regular customers. Remember, quick action is key—request your RMA within 14 days and return the item within 21 days. While some items like handbags and swimwear are final sale, the policy is flexible enough to accommodate returns for most other items. Keep these tips in mind, and your luxury shopping experience with The RealReal will be as seamless as the exquisite items they offer.