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TAP Air Portugal Alternatives & Competitors

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Flytap.com's Top 5 Competitors

Flytap.com, the online gateway to TAP Air Portugal, has been the flag carrier of Portugal since its establishment in 1945. With a rich history that has seen the airline evolve from modest beginnings to becoming a significant player in the European and international aviation market, flytap.com offers travelers a portal to book flights, manage trips, and explore the airline's services.

As a member of the Star Alliance, TAP Air Portugal services a network that spans across Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Its focus on customer experience and connectivity to lesser-served destinations, especially within Portugal and to Portuguese-speaking countries, has carved out a unique market position for flytap.com.

However, the skies are crowded, and flytap.com faces stiff competition from a host of other airlines and travel platforms. Let's navigate through this bustling airspace and see how flytap.com compares with its competitors.

TAP Air Portugal Competitors Breakdown


Ryanair.com is the epitome of budget travel within Europe. This Irish low-cost carrier has a vast network that often overlaps with TAP's, especially on European routes. While flytap.com emphasizes full-service offerings with a Portuguese flair, Ryanair strips down to the essentials, allowing it to often undercut competitors on price.

Ryanair's aggressive pricing strategy and expansive route network make it a formidable competitor, but its no-frills approach can be less appealing to those seeking a more inclusive and comfortable travel experience.


Like Ryanair, EasyJet is a low-cost carrier that competes with flytap.com on various European and some North African routes. EasyJet's model focuses on cost-effective travel, but it has also been expanding its business traveler services, encroaching on traditional full-service airline territory.

EasyJet's strong brand and customer loyalty program provide a competitive edge, although its limited long-haul offerings mean flytap.com holds an advantage in transatlantic flights.


Iberia.com is Spain's national carrier and a direct competitor for TAP Air Portugal on flights to/from the Iberian Peninsula, as well as to Latin America. Both airlines boast extensive networks within Europe and to South American destinations, making them natural competitors.

Iberia's integration with the Oneworld alliance and its partnership with other Spanish-speaking carriers can appeal to customers traveling to Spanish-speaking countries, in contrast to TAP's focus on Portuguese-speaking destinations.

Air France

Air France, France's flag carrier, offers a comprehensive global network and competes with TAP Air Portugal, particularly on routes to Africa and Brazil, given France's historical ties to these regions. Both airlines emphasize service quality and customer experience.

Air France's robust frequent flyer program and its position within the SkyTeam alliance present strong competition for flytap.com's own loyalty offerings and Star Alliance benefits.


Lufthansa, one of Europe's largest airlines, directly competes with flytap.com on several European routes and intercontinental services. The German carrier's expansive fleet and premium services target a similar market segment to TAP Air Portugal's.

However, Lufthansa's higher cost structure can make flytap.com a more attractive option for cost-conscious travelers looking for a full-service airline.

British Airways

British Airways is the United Kingdom's flagship carrier and overlaps with flytap.com on various routes to Europe and North America. BA's extensive global reach and strong brand make it a significant competitor.

BA's advantage lies in its London hub, which serves as a major international transit point, while flytap.com can leverage its Lisbon hub for transatlantic flights between Europe and South America.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM, the Dutch flag carrier, offers a wide array of international flights that compete with TAP's, particularly to African and Brazilian destinations. KLM's focus on environmental sustainability and innovative services can attract a segment of travelers who might also consider flytap.com.

KLM's partnership within the Air France-KLM group and its SkyTeam alliance membership offer strong alternatives to TAP's Star Alliance benefits.


Vueling is another low-cost carrier based in Spain that competes with flytap.com on price-sensitive European routes. Its competitive pricing and growing route network make it a popular choice for budget travelers.

Vueling's affiliation with IAG, the parent company of British Airways, provides it with additional resources and strategic partnerships that challenge flytap.com's market share.


Flybe, a regional airline in the United Kingdom, offers flights that often connect smaller cities not served by larger carriers. While not a direct competitor on many routes, Flybe's niche market in regional connectivity can siphon off potential TAP customers looking for flights within the UK or to nearby European destinations.

Flybe's focus on regional service and community engagement offers a different model from flytap.com's more international and long-haul focused operations.


Norwegian Air Shuttle, known for its low-cost long-haul flights, presents a unique challenge to flytap.com on transatlantic routes. Norwegian's aggressive pricing and newer fleet have appealed to cost-conscious travelers, despite recent financial turbulence.

Norwegian's operational model differs significantly from TAP's, emphasizing efficiency and cost savings over a broad service offering.

United Airlines

United Airlines, a major American carrier and fellow Star Alliance member, competes with flytap.com on routes between the United States and Europe. United's extensive network and frequent flyer program are competitive factors for TAP's own offerings.

However, flytap.com can leverage its strategic Lisbon hub for connections within Europe and Africa, differentiating itself from United's route structure.

Air Canada

Air Canada, Canada's largest airline, operates on several of the same North Atlantic routes as TAP Air Portugal. As a member of the Star Alliance, it shares some synergy with TAP, but it also competes for the same international travelers.

Air Canada's strong presence in the Canadian market and frequent flyer benefits pose a challenge to flytap.com's efforts to attract North American passengers.


Trip.com is a comprehensive travel booking platform that aggregates flights from various airlines, including TAP Air Portugal. As a one-stop-shop for travelers, trip.com competes with flytap.com by offering convenience and potentially lower prices through its partnerships.

The platform's extensive use of technology for personalized travel experiences and customer service can rival flytap.com's direct booking benefits.


KAYAK.com operates as a travel search engine that provides price comparisons for flights, including those offered by TAP Air Portugal. By allowing users to find the lowest available fares across multiple airlines, KAYAK.com presents a competitive threat to flytap.com's direct sales.

However, booking directly through flytap.com may offer customers benefits that third-party platforms cannot, such as more flexible ticketing options and loyalty rewards.


Skyscanner is another popular travel search engine that competes with flytap.com by aggregating flight prices and offering a broad view of travel options. Its user-friendly interface and powerful comparison tools can sway customers to book through Skyscanner rather than directly with airlines.

Skyscanner's global reach and mobile app convenience provide a compelling alternative to airline-specific platforms like flytap.com.


Emirates, based in Dubai, is known for its luxury service and extensive network connecting Europe to Asia and Australia. While flytap.com mainly services transatlantic routes, Emirates' strong brand and service quality present competition on overlapping European segments and for global travelers originating in Portugal.

Emirates' state-of-the-art fleet and premium in-flight amenities set a high standard that challenges flytap.com's value proposition.


Kiwi.com is a travel tech company that offers innovative booking solutions, including its virtual interlining service which combines flights from different carriers into a single itinerary. This can be an attractive alternative to flytap.com for travelers seeking multi-city trips or complex routes.

Kiwi.com's customer-centric features, like the Kiwi.com Guarantee which protects against missed connections, can draw customers away from traditional airline bookings.


Travelocity is an online travel agency that competes with flytap.com by offering comprehensive travel packages, including flights, hotels, and car rentals. Its value-added services and deals can entice customers looking for one-stop vacation planning.

Travelocity's strong brand recognition and customer service can make it a preferred choice over airline-specific sites for some travelers.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines, while primarily servicing routes within the United States and to adjacent countries, competes with flytap.com for passengers on the West Coast seeking travel to Europe. Its award-winning customer service and Mileage Plan loyalty program are significant draws.

Alaska Airlines' partnerships with other carriers can also offer competitive routing options for TAP's potential customers.


JetBlue Airways is a major American low-cost airline that has been expanding into transatlantic flights, directly competing with flytap.com on certain routes. JetBlue's focus on passenger comfort and free in-flight amenities, such as Wi-Fi and entertainment, set it apart in the low-cost segment.

JetBlue's customer-centric approach and TrueBlue loyalty program can challenge flytap.com's market position, particularly on North American routes.

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