More than 45,000 flights carrying 2.9 million passengers travel worldwide, covering more than 29 million square miles of airspace. As the demand for air travel climbs, there is always a risk that a flight needs to be canceled by the passenger or by the airline service. Knowing the cancelation policies before booking your upcoming flight provides you with all the required information if your travel plans change.

Below, we have listed all the necessary information about Malaysia Airlines' refund and cancelation policy.

About Malaysia Airlines

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Malaysia Airlines, also known as Malaysian Airlines, is easily identifiable when flying in the air, as their planes proudly carry the Malaysian flag. This national carrier for Malaysia carries up to 40,000 guests on their journeys to, from, and around the country, where they can experience the multicultural society the country is known for.

Known for its world-famous Malaysian Hospitality, flying with Malaysia Airlines provides access to more than 1,000 destinations with access to more than 650 airport lounges. New flyers of the airline enjoy the highest level of customer service, while Malaysians enjoy the comforting reminder of home wherever they are in the world.

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What is Malaysia Airlines' cancelation policy?

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Canceling a Malaysia Airlines ticket is possible, and the terms depend on the flight’s fare conditions of the ticket purchased and the route. In most cases, your money is refunded if you cancel your flight within the allowed grace period offered after buying the ticket. Ultimately, suppose someone from the U.S. purchases a ticket no less than seven days from departure. In that case, they can cancel their ticket without penalties no later than 24 hours after booking it through the airline's website or mobile app.

Passengers needing to cancel their airfare outside the 24-hour cancelation grace period are charged a cancelation fee. The cancelation fee varies based on the airfare and ticket terms and conditions.

Additional conditions and terms for the various types of tickets purchased are as follows:

  • Flex Tickets: You can cancel and receive a refund without penalty
  • Economy Lite Fares: Cannot be withdrawn and refunded for any route
  • Except Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Korea, and Port of Spain can be canceled but with a fee
  • Economy Basic Fares: Can be canceled and refunded with a fee

Can you cancel business class?

You can cancel your Business Class ticket with Malaysia Airlines if it meets all necessary terms and conditions stated in their cancellation policy and on your ticket.

How do I cancel a Malaysia Airlines flight?

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You may cancel your upcoming Malaysia Airlines flight in many methods, such as the ones listed below:

  • Online: Use the Manage tab
  • Only if you booked your flight via the website
  • By Phone: Call 1-844-933-2065
  • Contact the Malaysia Airlines Ticket Office that issued the tickets
  • Contact the Travel Agency that issued the tickets

What is Malaysia Airlines' refund policy?

Malaysia Airlines website clearly states their refund policy, which is based upon the conditions listed on the ticket as long as the flight is canceled in the approved 24-hour window. Airfare refunds may be issued to the consumer based on the unused portion of the ticket after any fees and adjustments have been made on all Malaysia Airlines’ Flex tickets. Economy Lite fares through Malaysia Airlines are not refundable (U.S. only) if the flight was canceled outside of the allowed grace period.

Refunds for canceled flights are issued in the original currency and method of payment in which the ticket was purchased and it may be six months before you receive your refund.

Can I cancel my flight and get my money back?

You are entitled to receive a refund if you cancel your flight within the approved cancelation window. However, depending upon the terms and conditions of the flight you booked, some fees may be non-refundable. Before booking your flight or canceling it, understand all the associated costs, so you know what may be deducted if you need to cancel and request a refund.

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Does Malaysian Airlines charge a cancelation fee?

For some flights, Malaysia Airlines does charge a cancelation fee, but it depends upon the route and ticket’s terms. Check the terms and conditions of your flight ticket or contact Malaysia Airlines to learn more about fees charged when canceling a flight.

Do we get refunds on cancelation of international flight tickets?

It is possible to get refunds when canceling an international flight with Malaysia Airlines but to be sure, check the parameters of the state cancelation policy on your flight ticket.

How Long Does Malaysia Airlines Take to Refund Money?

If you must cancel your flight with Malaysia Airlines and request a refund, it could be several months before your money is returned. Customers requesting a refund from Malaysia Airlines can expect their money back within six months of the cancelation and refund request.

What are Malaysia Airlines' cancelation and refund policy terms and conditions?

When canceling your flight, if the terms and conditions allow for refunds and the flight was canceled within the time window allowed, you will qualify for a refund. Depending upon the flight or cancelation outside the 24-hour window, you may have to pay a cancelation fee.

How do I contact Malaysia Airlines for a refund for cancelation requests?

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There are several ways to contact Malaysia Airlines for a refund for cancelation requests, including the following:


The Global Customer Contact Centre for Malaysia Airlines is:

  • In Malaysia - 1-300-88-3000
  • Outside Malaysia - +603-7843-3000


To contact Malaysia Airlines via email, send a message to [email protected].


You can also visit the website where you booked your flight or contact the Global Customer Contact Centre online via the website.

Additional Contact Methods

Though it is always best to know the cancelation and refund terms and conditions regarding a flight with Malaysia Airlines before booking, sometimes, when we rush to make travel arrangements, we sometimes skip over these details. Do not worry; you can still contact Malaysia Airlines for a refund, but if your flight was canceled outside the 24-hour window, you may have to pay a more significant penalty fee to cancel or reschedule.

Based on our research, we give Malaysia Airlines a score of 6 based on the company's short cancelation window, and it could take up to six months to receive a refund.