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TicketMaster Alternatives & Competitors

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Ticketmaster.com's Top 5 Competitors

When it comes to securing a spot at your favorite event, Ticketmaster.com has been a go-to destination for decades. Founded in 1976, the brand has evolved from a traditional ticketing outlet to a digital powerhouse, offering tickets for concerts, sports, arts, theater, and family attractions. Over the years, Ticketmaster has expanded its reach by merging with Live Nation in 2010, further cementing its position in the industry.

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Despite its dominance, Ticketmaster has faced ample competition. Rival companies have emerged, each with their unique selling propositions and strategies to capture a slice of the market. These competitors range from platforms specializing in secondary market sales to those fostering a community-based approach to event promotion and ticket distribution.

Let's dive into the world of ticketing and examine how these platforms stack up against Ticketmaster. We'll explore the features, user experience, and distinctive aspects that make each competitor a worthy adversary in the bustling event ticketing arena.

TicketMaster Competitors Breakdown


StubHub has carved out a significant niche as a secondary marketplace for ticket sales. It's a go-to for many looking to buy or sell tickets last minute, potentially at a bargain or a premium, depending on the demand. The platform is known for its wide selection of tickets and a money-back guarantee that adds a layer of security for buyers.

Competing with Ticketmaster's primary market dominance, StubHub offers a different angle, focusing on fan-to-fan transactions. It's not uncommon for event-goers to compare prices between Ticketmaster and StubHub to find the best deal, making it a strong competitor.

  • Wide selection
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Strong secondary market
  • Can be more expensive due to resale markups
  • Less control over initial ticket pricing


Eventbrite stands out as a platform that caters to event creators as much as to ticket buyers. It's versatile, allowing organizers of all sizes to set up and sell tickets for events, which range from small workshops to large festivals. The DIY aspect of Eventbrite makes it particularly appealing for grassroots initiatives and local events.

While Ticketmaster focuses more on large-scale events, Eventbrite's inclusivity for various event sizes and types makes it a formidable competitor, especially for those looking to host or attend niche or community-focused events.


SeatGeek is another strong player in the ticketing market, known for its intuitive interface and innovative search features that help users find great deals on tickets. It aggregates listings from various ticket sites, providing a comprehensive overview of the options available.

While Ticketmaster might have the upper hand with exclusive partnerships and primary ticket sales, SeatGeek's user-friendly platform and deal score system make it a preferred choice for savvy shoppers and a notable competitor in the industry.



Viagogo is an international ticket exchange and resale company, offering a vast marketplace for ticket buyers and sellers. With its global reach, Viagogo can provide tickets to events around the world, competing with Ticketmaster's international presence.

Although it has faced some controversy over price transparency and consumer protection, Viagogo remains a competitive force due to its extensive inventory and worldwide accessibility.

Live Nation Concerts

Live Nation is actually Ticketmaster's parent company after the merger, but it is worth mentioning as it also operates its own ticketing platform. Live Nation focuses on promoting live events and has a strong foothold in the concert industry, with exclusive deals and artist partnerships that can influence ticket sales and availability.

While Live Nation and Ticketmaster are essentially on the same team, the branding and promotional strategies of Live Nation offer a different angle for consumers and industry insiders, which could be seen as a form of internal competition.

Vivid Seats

Vivid Seats is another secondary marketplace that allows users to buy and sell tickets. It prides itself on providing a 100% Buyer Guarantee and a rewards system that incentivizes repeat customers. This focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty can attract those who might otherwise use Ticketmaster, especially if they're seeking a more rewarding purchasing experience.

The competitive edge for Vivid Seats comes from its commitment to service and the potential for customers to find hard-to-get or sold-out tickets, making it a strong alternative to Ticketmaster's offerings.


TicketCity has been in the game for over 30 years, providing a reliable source for sports, concerts, and theater tickets. Its longevity and reputation for excellent customer service ensure its place as a competitor to Ticketmaster, particularly among those who value a trusted, established ticketing partner.

With a focus on providing a personal touch and access to high-demand events, TicketCity appeals to a segment of the market that may be looking for a more boutique ticketing experience.

Brown Paper Tickets

Brown Paper Tickets takes a community-oriented approach, supporting small to mid-sized events with low service fees and fair pricing. It's a favorite among independent artists and event organizers who may find Ticketmaster's fees and large-scale focus less accommodating.

This platform's emphasis on simplicity and social responsibility resonates with a demographic that values transparency and community engagement, setting it apart as a competitor with a different ethos.


AXS is a digital marketing platform that also offers ticketing services. Its integration with social media and marketing tools provides a unique value proposition. By offering a holistic approach to event promotion and ticket sales, AXS stands out as a competitor, particularly for event organizers looking for a more comprehensive solution.

With features like AXS Invite, which allows friends to reserve adjacent seats, the platform brings a social element to ticket buying that can make the experience more personal and engaging compared to Ticketmaster's more traditional approach.


Etix offers a range of services from ticketing to marketing and management for events of all sizes. With a strong presence in fairs, festivals, and smaller venues, Etix provides an alternative to Ticketmaster for those seeking a more tailored ticketing service.

The platform's commitment to customer support and its suite of tools for event promoters makes it a viable competitor, especially in markets where personalized service is highly valued.


TicketSmarter is a newer player in the ticketing industry but has quickly established itself with a promise to give back to the community, donating a portion of every sale to charitable causes. Its competitive pricing and commitment to social impact may attract customers who are looking for an alternative to the larger, more established Ticketmaster.

The platform's focus on partnerships with sports and entertainment entities allows it to offer a wide range of events, competing on both inventory and corporate responsibility.

CBS Sports

While CBS Sports is primarily known for sports broadcasting, its ticketing feature offers a direct line to sports events, leveraging its brand recognition and audience base. This makes it a unique competitor to Ticketmaster's sports ticketing segment, especially for fans who already trust and engage with the CBS Sports brand for their sports news and analysis.

The convergence of content and commerce on platforms like CBS Sports represents a shift in how fans can access tickets, bringing a media-centric perspective to the competition.

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