An unexpected change of plans can mean having to cancel a money transfer. Whether you're a new or a regular customer, understanding the Western Union cancellation policy is crucial to ensure you can confidently manage your transactions. This article will detail the steps and conditions for canceling a Western Union transfer and obtaining a refund.

What is the cancellation and refund policy for Western Union?

Western Union allows customers to cancel a transfer and request a refund provided that the receiver has not yet picked up the money or the funds have not been deposited. For transactions made within the United States, there may be a non-refundable administration charge for transactions not picked up or canceled within one year of the send date. International transactions can be fully refunded within 30 minutes of payment, as long as the funds have not been picked up or deposited.

What is the refund processing time at Western Union?

Refund processing times at Western Union can vary. For transactions within the U.S., qualifying refunds are made within 45 days of receipt of a valid written request. Refunds are issued via the original payment method, which could be a Western Union money transfer, a refund to the credit/debit card, or bank account used for the transaction, or by mailing a check to the customer.

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How can I cancel a transaction with Western Union?

To cancel a Western Union money transfer:

  • Log in to your Western Union profile.
  • Find the transfer in your Recent money transfer activity and select it.
  • If eligible for cancellation, you'll see a 'Cancel transfer' link.
  • Follow the prompts to cancel the transfer.

If the transfer was initiated in person, you may need to visit the same agent location with your government-issued ID. For assistance, you can also contact Western Union's Customer Care.

Is it possible to get a refund after canceling a Western Union transfer?

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Yes, if you cancel a transfer before the recipient has collected the funds or before the funds have been deposited, you can get a refund. The refunded amount may include both the principal and fees, depending on the terms of the service used and the reason for the cancellation.

Can I cancel a pending transaction with Western Union?

A pending Western Union transaction can typically be canceled if the recipient has not yet picked up the money. It's important to act quickly and check the status of the transaction to ensure it is still eligible for cancellation.

How can I contact Western Union for assistance?

For help with cancellations, refunds, or other inquiries, you can contact Western Union Customer Care at [email protected] or by calling the appropriate toll-free number for your country or region. Customer Care representatives can guide you through the cancellation process and address any concerns you may have.


In summary, Western Union offers a clear cancellation and refund policy that allows for the cancelation of money transfers under specific conditions. Remember that refunds are subject to certain terms and are processed using the original method of payment. For the smoothest experience, act promptly and keep all relevant transaction details at hand. Should you need further assistance, Western Union's Customer Care is readily available to support you.