We’re all looking for ways to save on prescription glasses. Liingo Eyewear offers solid savings and an extended trial period, but how reliable is that service?

What should you do if your online glasses retailer’s return policy isn’t as clear as your vision? 

Here is everything customers needs to know about the Liingo Eyewear return and exchange policy. 

What's Liingo Eyewear Return Policy?

Liingo Eyewear offers you an extended return policy. You have 60 days to try on their glasses and make sure they're right for you before you commit to the purchase. You were able to get all of your money back play starting a return prior to those 60 days expiring.

You can also do an exchange during that 60 day time. This allows you to exchange for new styles of glasses or different frames all together.

Liingo Eyewear also offers a free shipping policy. Their website states that shipping is always free that you never have to pay for shipping charges. 

This company also has our offers an additional service that combines with their return and exchange policy. If you need a minor adjustment to your glasses, Liingo Eyewear will cover the cost up to $25 when you get your glasses adjusted at a local optometrist. 

If you're looking to get that $25 credit for any adjustments that you need made it to your lenses or frames, you're going to have to save the receipts and from that optometrist. Liingo Eyewear will need to see the receipt from your purchase in order to reimburse you for that cost. 

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Does Liingo Eyewear Offer Chat Support?

Liingo Eyewear offers child support that you can easily find on any part of their website. There's a little chat icon in the bottom right corner that you can click on it any moment to initiate chat with their customer support team. 

How Long Do Liingo Eyewear Refunds Take?

Liingo Eyewear does not state how long their refunds and exchanges take. This means that you can expect a ballpark of around a few weeks to have your money posted in to your account. This includes everything from payment processing times to shipping times. 

Can I Return An Item To Liingo Eyewear Without The Box Or Original Package?

Liingo Eyewear with box

The Liingo Eyewear website is a little vague when it comes to the specifics of this incredibly flexible return policy. For starters, Liingo Eyewear does not state whether or not you're required to return your items with the original packaging, boxes, or accessories.

This means that you should always err on the side of caution when returning items to Liingo Eyewear. Always include the original glasses case, any promotional materials like glasses cleaners, and any boxes are insert, so you might have gotten in addition to your glasses.

Since they don't specifically state what their policy for returns without the original packaging is, we're going to have to assume that you need to return items with the original packaging and accessories. 

Does Liingo Eyewear Offer Full Refunds?

hands holding liingo Glasses close up

Liingo Eyewear offers for refunds for your purchases. Since they never charge you any shipping cost, you can expect to get all of your money back when you decide to return your glasses. You can also get the full value of your purchase back by making an exchange. 

Liingo Eyewear can also help refund part of the cost of any adjustments that you needed to make to your glasses. If you stopped into a local optometrist to have any changes made to your frames, save the receipt and get in touch with the customer service at Liingo Eyewear to get a $25 credit. 

What's Liingo Eyewear Customer Service Phone Number?

Liingo Eyewear offers a customer service phone number that you can call it anytime: 1-800-430-EYES. Liingo Eyewear also has a texting feature so that you can get quick text based customer support by texting this number: 82020.

You can find out more about their contact information by checking out the Liingo Eyewear contact page

How Long Do You Have To Return An Item To Liingo Eyewear?

Liingo Eyewear has a blanket return policy for how long you have to return any items to the store. You have 60 days from the date of your purchase to return your items and get your money back or initiate an exchange. This means we'll have nearly two months after all the shipping concludes to decide if these glasses meet your needs and match your style.

Liingo Eyewear also offers an additional service that can help make this process and decision-making easier. If you just need some simple adjustments to your frames, you can get those done at your local optometrist. Liingo Eyewear will reimburse part of the cost up to $25.

This means that you might not even need to return your glasses and extend get a discounted adjustment on your frames. 

Step-By-Step: How To Return A Liingo Eyewear Item

Men with glasses close up

It can be difficult to start returns especially when it comes to glasses. Traditionally, glasses companies don't like to get their products back as these fall under the category of items that are difficult to sell again. However, Liingo Eyewear makes it easy for you to start their straightforward return process.

Let's walk through every step you need to consider if you're returning your glasses to Liingo Eyewear. 

  1. Get your order number ready 
  2. Call, text, or email Liingo Eyewear customer support
  3. Initiate your return or exchange 
  4. Securely pack your items including all packaging and accessories 
  5. Ship your items back to Liingo Eyewear
  6. Liingo Eyewear will process your return after receiving your items 

How Do I Check My Liingo Eyewear Order Status?

It's easy to check Liingo Eyewear order status. All you need to do is head over to their website and login to your account.

When you first place your order with Liingo Eyewear, you'll be prompted to make an account. You can also make an account ahead of time so that you're ready to place your order whenever you need to buy new glasses.

Your account will give you all the information you need to start a refund or exchange. You'll be able to find your order number as well as the date you placed your order so that you can find out if you're still within the 60-day return window. 

What Items Can Not Be Returned To Liingo Eyewear?

Here's some good news about the Liingo Eyewear return policy. The return policy accepts all items that you can purchase at their store. They do not list any exceptions to the return policy which means you can expect to be able to return any of the glasses or accessories that you buy at Liingo Eyewear. 

With this said, you might encounter some difficulty trying to return glasses that have been damaged. Frames that are broken or are too damaged to sell again might not be able to be returned to this retailer. 


We're going to give the Liingo Eyewear return policy and impressive 4.5 out of 5 for their return policy.

Liingo Eyewear definitely win some points by having a 60-day return window and not charging any shipping fees. However, Liingo Eyewear is very shy when it comes to the details of their return policy which gives us more questions than answers.

All in all, you can expect a good return from Liingo Eyewear even if you can't find the fine print on their website.