Shopping online has its perks, but it can often bring up questions about return policies, especially when dealing with a platform like Lyst that aggregates offerings from various retailers worldwide. With Lyst, you're not just dealing with a single return policy, but instead, navigating a network of individual retailer policies. This can lead to some confusion, but fear not, as we're here to demystify Lyst's approach to returns and refunds.

What Is The Return And Refund Policy For Lyst?

When it comes to returns, Lyst plays by the rules of its partnered retailers. Since these retailers are scattered across the globe, return policies can vary widely. Factors such as the type of item and the locations of both the retailer and the customer can influence these policies. To avoid surprises, it's crucial to check the Lyst product page for return details before purchasing, or dive into the retailer's customer care section for their specific policy.

Refund policies are similarly retailer-specific. Once a return is received and processed by the retailer, refunds typically take between 5-7 business days to show up in your account. It's always a good idea to review the retailer's refund policy for any nuances that might affect your purchase.

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Does Lyst Offer Exchanges?

Lyst itself does not handle exchanges directly. Since the items you purchase through Lyst come from various retailers, any exchange policy would be dictated by the retailer from whom you've made the purchase. If you're considering an exchange, your best bet is to return the unwanted item for a refund and then purchase the new item separately.

How Can You Return An Item To Lyst?

To initiate a return, start by reviewing the return instructions on the Lyst return policy page. Remember to check the retailer's return policy, as you'll be following their guidelines. Make sure to keep your order reference number, your full name, and the email address used for the order handy in case you need to reach out to Lyst's Customer Care at [email protected].


Can I Return A Lyst Item Without A Receipt?

Most retailers require some proof of purchase, like a receipt or order confirmation, to process a return. Since Lyst is an aggregate platform, this requirement will vary by retailer, but it's safe to assume that you'll need some form of receipt to initiate a return.

Can You Return Used Items To Lyst?

Typically, items need to be in their original condition to be eligible for a return. This means that used items, unless they arrived damaged or were misrepresented, may not qualify for a return. Check with the specific retailer's policy to confirm their stance on returns for used items.

Can You Return A Lyst Item Without The Original Box Or Package?

Returning an item in its original packaging is often a requirement for a successful return. Without the original box or packaging, your return may be rejected or you may only receive a partial refund. It's best to retain all original packaging until you're certain you'll be keeping the item.

Does Lyst Accept Return Without Tag?

The same principle applies to tags as to packaging; most retailers require items to have all original tags attached for a return to be accepted. Be sure to check the retailer's policy for specifics regarding tags and item condition.

Can I Return A Gift To Lyst?

If you've received an item as a gift purchased through Lyst, the return process can be a bit trickier. You'll likely need access to the order information, and the refund will usually be issued to the original form of payment. For a smooth process, it's best to coordinate with the person who gave you the gift.

How To Contact Lyst

Should you have any concerns or need assistance with your return, Lyst's Customer Care team is ready to help. You can reach them via their contact page or by sending an email to [email protected]. For order status inquiries, check out the order status page.


In conclusion, navigating the return policy through Lyst requires a bit of homework, as you're dealing with multiple retailers. Always check the product page for return details or the retailer's specific policy. Keep in mind that while Lyst's Customer Care is there to support you, the return and refund process is ultimately in the hands of the retailer. Armed with this knowledge, you can shop with confidence, knowing exactly how to handle returns should the need arise.