Knowing how to handle cancellations and refunds is crucial, regardless of how long you've been a Revolut customer or if you're a new user exploring the world of digital banking. All the information you require to cancel your Revolut subscription, stop payments, and get your money back is provided in this post.

What Is The Cancellation And Refund Policy For Revolut?

The Revolut cancellation policy is an integral part of the terms and conditions for users with Plus, Premium, Metal, and Ultra subscriptions. Subscriptions automatically renew annually, but users can opt to cancel. A fee may apply if cancelling within 10 months of the subscription start. Detailed fee structures are available on the Revolut Fees Pages.

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Can You Cancel Revolut?

Yes, you can cancel your Revolut subscription at any time. The process for doing so varies depending on your specific plan and the timing of your cancellation. It's important to be aware of potential fees and the impact on your services.

How Do I Cancel My Revolut Subscription?

To cancel a Revolut subscription, go through the app or contact support. Cancellation terms depend on whether you're within the 14-day cooling-off period, after 14 days but within 10 months, or beyond 10 months. Fees may apply.

How Do I Block A Subscription Or Scheduled Payment?

If you need to block a subscription or a scheduled payment, you can manage your active subscriptions and recurring payments directly through the Revolut app. Navigate to the 'Payments' tab, find the subscription, and use the available options to block or cancel it.

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How Much Does It Cost To Close Revolut Account?

Closing a Revolut account is generally free of charge, but if you're on a paid subscription plan, you might incur a fee if you cancel before certain time periods have elapsed. Be sure to check the specifics of your plan's cancellation policy.

Will I Lose My Money If I Close My Revolut Account?

No, you will not lose your money if you close your Revolut account. Ensure you transfer your funds to another bank account before initiating the closure to avoid any complications.

How Do I Get My Money Back From Revolut?

If you're entitled to a refund under the cancellation policy, Revolut will credit the amount to your account. For disputes or unauthorized transactions, contact support immediately.

How To Contact Revolut?

To contact Revolut, use the in-app chat for priority support or email [email protected]. For formal complaints, there's also [email protected].

Final Thoughts

Revolut's cancellation policy offers flexibility for users to manage their subscriptions effectively. Always review the terms before cancelling to be aware of any fees or timelines. Whether you're looking to switch plans or close your account, understanding these policies ensures that you can make informed decisions about your digital banking needs. If you have any questions or need assistance, Revolut's customer support is readily available to help you out.