If you’re an online shopper, it’s always good to know about the return policy of the marketplace you’re buying from. In this case, understanding AliExpress’s return policy can make your shopping experience smoother and worry-free.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the AliExpress return policy, going through the process step by step and covering important information like how to request a return, timelines, and any costs involved. By the end, you’ll have a better grasp of how to handle returns on AliExpress, ensuring a more pleasant shopping experience. Let’s dive in and learn more.

AliExpress Return Policy

AliExpress has a buyer protection policy in place for its return policy. This policy enables you to get a full or partial refund if you receive an item that is not as described, damaged, defective, or missing parts. If you change your mind, you can also return an item, but you may need to cover the cost of return shipping. Additionally, if you wish to keep an item that has issues, you can request a partial refund. The amount of the partial refund will depend on the severity of the problem and the agreement reached with the seller on a lower price for the item.

The general rules for returning an item to AliExpress are:

  • You have 15 days after receiving the item to contact the seller and request a return or refund.
  • You have to return the item in its original condition and packaging, with all the accessories and parts included.
  • You have to provide proof of purchase, such as the order number or confirmation email.
  • You have to follow the instructions of the seller or AliExpress on how to return the item and get a refund or exchange.
product out of its packaging

However, these rules may vary depending on the product category, the seller’s policy, and the reason for returning. Some items may have longer or shorter return periods, some items may not be eligible for returns at all, and some items may have different refund or exchange methods.

Therefore, it is important to check the product page and the seller’s policy before you place an order, and contact the seller if you have any questions or issues.

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Return Requirements

To ensure a smooth and successful return process, you have to meet some specific requirements when returning an item to AliExpress.

Can You Return an Item to AliExpress Without the Box or Original Package?

You have to pack the item securely and properly, using the original box or a similar one. You also have to include all the parts and accessories that came with the item, such as manuals, cables, chargers, etc. If you fail to do so, you may not get a full refund or exchange.

Can You Return an Item to AliExpress after Using it?

You can only return an item if it is unused and unworn. If you use or wear an item, even for a short time, you may lose your right to return it. This applies especially to items such as clothing, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, health care products, etc.

What Items Cannot be Returned to AliExpress?

Some items are not eligible for returns due to their nature or hygiene reasons. These include items such as underwear, lingerie, swimwear, earrings, wigs, customized products, perishable products, digital products, etc. You can check the product page or contact the seller to confirm if an item can be returned or not before you place an order.

However, even if an item is unreturnable, you may still be able to get a refund or exchange if it is not as described, damaged, defective, or missing parts. You can contact the seller or AliExpress and provide proof of the problem with the item. They may agree to give you a full or partial refund or exchange without requiring you to ship the item back.

How Long Do You Have to Return an Item to AliExpress?

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The return timelines for different categories of products may vary depending on the seller’s policy and the shipping method. In general, you have 15 days after receiving the item to contact the seller and request a return or refund.

Returning the item: After contacting the seller, you have to wait for their response and instructions on how to return the item. You have to ship the item back within 10 days after receiving their confirmation. You also have to provide a valid tracking number for your return package.

However, these timelines may be extended or shortened depending on some factors such as:

  • The product category: Some categories such as electronics, beauty products, health care products may have longer or shorter return periods than others.
  • The reason for returning: If you are returning an item because it is not as described, damaged, defective, or missing parts, you may have a longer return period than if you are returning it because you changed your mind.
  • The seller’s policy: Some sellers may have more flexible or strict return policies than others. They may also offer different refund or exchange options. You can check the seller’s policy on their store page or contact them directly.
  • The shipping method: Some shipping methods may take longer or shorter time to deliver the item back to the seller or AliExpress. You can choose the best shipping method for your return based on the cost and speed.

How Long Do AliExpress Refunds Take?

After shipping the item back, you have to wait for the seller or AliExpress to confirm that they received it and that it meets their return requirements. Then they will process your refund or exchange within 3 business days. The refund will be issued to your original payment method. The exchange will be shipped to your address.

How to Return an Item to AliExpress: Step-by-Step Guide

Before initiating a return, examine the seller's return policy on the product page to understand the conditions for returns, such as the return window, shipping fees, and other relevant information.

Step 1: Log in to Your Account

To begin the return process, visit the AliExpress website and sign in to your account using your email address and password.

Step 2: Communicate with the Seller

Go to "My Orders" in the top right corner of the page to view your order history. Find the item you want to return and click on "Contact Seller" to discuss the issue and potential resolution before opening a dispute.

Step 3: Open a Dispute

If the seller doesn't respond within 3 days or you are not satisfied with their proposed solution, click on the "Open Dispute" button next to the item you wish to return. This will take you to the dispute page where you can specify the reason for your return and provide any necessary evidence (e.g., photos or videos).

Step 4: Complete the Dispute Form

Fill out the required fields on the dispute form, including the reason for the return, the refund amount requested, and any additional comments. Attach any relevant evidence to support your claim, such as photos or videos. Click on "Submit" when you have completed the form.

Step 5: Engage with the Seller

After submitting the dispute form, the seller will be notified and given the opportunity to respond. Monitor your AliExpress account and email for any messages from the seller. Communicate with them to resolve the issue and reach an agreement.

Step 6: Finalize a Resolution

If the seller agrees to the return, follow their instructions for shipping the item back. Take note of the tracking number for the return shipment as proof. Be aware that some exceptions may apply, depending on the product category, seller's policy, or reason for the return. In specific cases, you may not be required to ship the item back or might receive assistance with return shipping costs.

Step 7: Choose a Shipping Method and Print a Return Label

Once the seller agrees to the return, select an appropriate shipping method for your return package, considering factors such as cost, speed, reliability, and tracking ability. Consult the seller's policy or contact them for preferences or recommendations. Print a return label provided by the seller or AliExpress, securely and clearly attaching it to your return package.

Step 8: Escalate the Dispute (If Needed)

If you cannot reach a resolution with the seller within 15 days, you can escalate the dispute to AliExpress. Click on the "Escalate Dispute" button on the dispute page and provide any additional information required. AliExpress will then review the case and make a final decision.

Step 9: Agree or Disagree with the Resolution

Once AliExpress reaches a decision, they will notify you by email and on the dispute page. You will have two options: agree or disagree. If you accept their decision, confirm it by clicking on "Confirm Delivery" or "Confirm Refund", closing the dispute and completing the return process. If you disagree, escalate the dispute by clicking on "Escalate Dispute", providing more evidence and reasons for your disagreement.

Step 10: Receive Your Refund or Exchange

If your dispute is resolved in your favor, either by the seller or AliExpress, you will receive your refund or exchange within 15 days. The refund will be issued to your original payment method, and the exchanged item will be shipped to your address. You can check the status of your refund or exchange by visiting "My Orders" and clicking on "View Details" under the order you want to return. Once your refund or exchange is processed, the return process is complete.

return process web page screenshot

What's AliExpress Customer Service Phone Number?

You can contact AliExpress customer service by calling their phone number at +86 571-88126600. You can also use their online chat support on AliExpress website or app.

Additionally, if you have any questions or issues about your order or return request, you can contact the seller for help by sending them a message on AliExpress website or app. You can also open a dispute on AliExpress website or app if you want to request a return or refund.


In conclusion, AliExpress's return policy offers a reasonable degree of buyer protection, addressing various concerns such as inaccurately described items, damaged goods, malfunctioning products, or incomplete deliveries. However, some limitations exist, including the relatively short 15-day return window and the responsibility for return shipping costs under certain circumstances. Additionally, the policy may differ depending on the product category, seller's policy, and the reason for the return.

When compared to similar retailers like Amazon, which offers a 30-day return window, AliExpress's policy might seem less generous. Nevertheless, taking all these factors into account, I would rate AliExpress's return policy a 3.5 out of 5. While it provides sufficient safeguards for customers, there are some drawbacks that could impact overall customer satisfaction. It is crucial for customers to review the product page and the seller's policy before making a purchase and to engage with the seller in case of any questions or concerns.