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In the world of advanced skincare, Foreo has made an undeniable splash. Launched in 2013, this Swedish brand quickly carved out a niche with its innovative silicone facial cleansing devices. Foreo's gadgets, like the Luna, use sonic pulses to cleanse and rejuvenate skin, claiming to enhance the complexion with their gentle yet effective technology. The brand's fresh approach to skincare, along with a line-up that includes toothbrushes and eye massagers, has gained a loyal following among beauty enthusiasts.

Foreo Top Deals and Special Offers See Now represents the digital storefront of this beauty tech powerhouse, where visitors can explore its full range of products. The brand's identity is not just about the products but also the lifestyle it promotes—a modern, tech-savvy approach to self-care and beauty. With its focus on innovation and design, Foreo has managed to stand out in a crowded market.

But even the most innovative brands face stiff competition. The beauty and skincare industry is a battlefield of legacy brands and upstarts, each with their own unique offerings and loyal customers. Let's dive into the world of Foreo's competitors and see how they stack up.

Foreo Competitors Breakdown


Clarisonic has been a significant player in the skincare device market, known for its oscillating brush heads that provide deep cleansing. Although they announced the closure of their business in September 2020, their legacy and the technology they pioneered remain relevant. Clarisonic's approach to skincare technology was similar to Foreo's in many ways, making them direct competitors during their operational years.


Olay is a household name with a wide range of skincare products. While not a direct competitor in the beauty device market, Olay's commitment to skincare innovation through its anti-aging creams, serums, and moisturizers places it as a brand alternative for consumers seeking comprehensive skincare solutions.


Neutrogena offers a variety of skincare products and has ventured into the skincare tool space with their Light Therapy Acne Mask. This move into tech-assisted skincare solutions presents a form of competition to Foreo's light-based and sonic devices, appealing to a tech-savvy audience looking for at-home treatments.

Nu Skin

Nu Skin focuses on both skincare products and devices, such as their ageLOC LumiSpa cleansing device. This direct overlap in product offerings makes them a clear competitor to Foreo, targeting a similar market segment interested in advanced skincare technologies.


Lancôme, while primarily known for its luxury skincare and makeup products, competes in the same space as Foreo by offering high-end, quality skincare solutions. Their focus on innovation and reputation for premium products attract a demographic that overlaps with Foreo's target market.

Estée Lauder's reputation for advanced skincare science and luxury products places it in competition with Foreo. The brand could potentially expand into beauty devices, which would increase the level of competition between the two for high-end consumers.


Shiseido stands out in the beauty industry with a legacy of innovation and quality. As a company that invests in technology for better skincare results, they compete with Foreo for consumers looking for scientifically advanced skincare solutions.

PMD Beauty | Draper UT

PMD Beauty offers a range of skincare devices, including microdermabrasion tools and facial cleansing devices. Their focus on at-home skincare treatments makes them a direct competitor with Foreo's product line, catering to a similar audience.

Michael Todd

Michael Todd is known for its Soniclear cleansing brushes, which utilize sonic waves for deep cleansing, akin to Foreo's technology. This direct overlap in product functionality positions them as a competitive brand in the beauty device market.


Philips, with its VisaPure facial cleansing brush, competes in the same space as Foreo with a focus on technology-driven skincare. Their established name in electronics and range of health and wellness products make them a formidable competitor.

Allure is a beauty editorial heavyweight, providing reviews, recommendations, and trend insights. While not a direct product competitor, its influence on consumer choices through its Best of Beauty Awards and expert advice impacts Foreo's market positioning.

Cosmopolitan, much like Allure, shapes beauty trends and opinions. Its coverage of beauty tech can sway consumer preferences, making it an indirect competitor in influencing the success of Foreo's brand and products in the beauty landscape.

Women's Health

Women's Health magazine covers a broad spectrum of wellness topics, including skincare. Their product recommendations and beauty tips can guide readers' choices, affecting Foreo's positioning in the wellness and beauty markets.

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic, while primarily a medical resource, provides authoritative information on skin health. Their guidance can influence consumer behavior towards clinically backed skincare routines, potentially swaying users towards or away from technology-based solutions like Foreo's.

Harper’s BAZAAR

Harper's Bazaar, a fashion and beauty magazine, often features luxury beauty devices and trends. Their endorsement can significantly affect brand visibility and consumer interest, impacting Foreo's presence in the high-end beauty market.

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