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Ulta provides high-quality makeup and beauty products for consumers, and their experienced and educated beauty associates help provide valuable information about their products and recommended beauty routines. Ulta's mission is to use the power beauty holds to bring to life many possibilities within every person who enters their stores, inspiring every guest. The company also enables each sales associate, helping them build a fulfilling career and a great future.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Ulta and What is the Youngest Age Ulta Stores Have Hired?

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According to the Ulta website, they sometimes hire as young as 16. Though most roles at the stores require associates to be 18 years of age, there are some roles where it is possible for the associate only to be 16. However, it is very rare for an Ulta store to hire someone under 18.

Can You Work at Ulta With No Experience?

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No experience or special qualifications are needed to become a Beauty Advisor at Ulta. Because no experience is necessary, working at Ulta is an excellent option for young adults looking for their first job. Beauty Consultants are tasked with helping guests, operating the cash wrap, and helping unpack shipments. In addition, training is available on the job to help provide additional opportunities to expand product knowledge.

As a Beauty Advisor, you do not need any experience to be hired to work at Ulta. However, some positions require knowledge, such as management, which can be learned while working as a Beauty Advisor.

Do You Have to Have Makeup Experience to Work at Ulta?

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Though makeup experience is not required, it can help improve your chances of getting hired to work at Ulta. The company trains all employees, which means even if you have no makeup experience, you will after working at Ulta. The only requirement is you must have customer service skills or a willingness to learn.

Do Ulta Employees Get Free Makeup? Do They Get Discounts?

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All Ulta associates receive an Associate Assistance Plan, an Associate Relief Program, and an Ulta Beauty Discount. Associates also receive access to free Training & Development programs. This discount is 25 percent off retail products and 50 percent off salon services.

Unfortunately, associates do not receive free products; however, there are sales programs where some positions may earn free products if they sell a qualifying product.

Some stores provide new hires with six free full-sized Ulta products to help them familiarize themselves with the product.

What Should You Wear to a Job Interview at Ulta?

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It is best to dress for the job you want, and interviewing for a Beauty Advisor position at Ulta means you should look professional and dress as close to the company's dress code policy. Dressing professionally for a job interview at Ulta means wearing clean, pressed, and appropriate business-style clothing.

Today, there is no need to dress in a suit or dress shirt, but looking professional can help make a great first impression. Here are some sample outfit ideas for both men and women looking to apply for a job at Ulta:

Sample outfits for men:

  • Solid-colored, button-down shirt
  • Dark pants (navy blue or khaki)
  • Dress shoes
  • Tie (optional)

Sample outfits for women:

  • Conservative blouse
  • Skirt or pants (navy blue or black)
  • Closed toed shoes

What is Ulta's Dress Code for Employees?

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Ulta has a dress code policy for employees, but it might be more relaxed than you think. Employees at Ulta wear professional-looking attire in multiple colors, including black, white, light pink, lavender, hot pink, bright orange, and pops of other colors. In addition, shoes must be closed-toed, professional, and fashionable.

If the Beauty Advisor plans to wear makeup while working, which is highly recommended since they are selling cosmetics, it must be applied before clocking in at work.

Jobs at Ulta and Age Requirements

Ulta has various jobs for employees of all experience levels, including entry-level cashiers, Beauty Advisors, and store managers. Each position has different starting pay ranges depending on an individual's experience and education.

Below is a chart with positions, ages, salaries and level of experience for people interested in working at Ulta:

Position Age Requirements Salary Level of Experience
Cashier 18 years Starting: Minimum Wage None needed
Beauty Advisor 18 years Starting: Minimum Wage None needed
Management 18 years Starting: $40,000+ Experience in management, retail, or cosmetics.

What's the Highest Paying Job at Ulta?

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Paying for jobs at Ulta varies based on the job duties, experience, and time with the company. The highest-paid job is the Associate Manager, with an annual salary of just over $70,000; however, the average yearly salary is about $32,000.

Variations in cost of living expenses and location influence how much Ulta pays their employees. In Seattle, WA, and New York, NY, employees are the highest-paid employees in the company.

Does Ulta Pay Overtime?

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Ulta offers fantastic benefits, pay opportunities, paid time off, sick pay, and bonuses. The company also does pay for overtime, and there is typically a lot of it available, especially around the holidays.

Is Training at Ulta Paid?

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Ulta training is on the clock, meaning new Beauty Advisors get paid for their training.

How often do Ulta employees get paid?

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Ulta employees get paid every other week (bi-weekly), providing them with a paycheck twice a month during most months of the year.

Do Ulta Employees Get Commission?

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Ulta Beauty Advisors do not get paid a commission on their sales. Instead, they are paid a flat hourly rate or an annual salary, depending on their position. By not paying commissions based on sales, Ulta improves the customer's experience without having sales associates hound them and follow them everywhere they go because they want to make a sale.

What is the average Ulta hourly pay by the state?

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Hourly wages and salaries at Ulta vary based on the job, experience, and location. Below is information about the average pay for Ulta employees by state:

State Avg. Ulta's Annual Salary Avg. Ulta's Monthly Pay Avg. Ulta's Weekly Pay Avg. Ulta's Hourly Wage
Alabama $24,820 $2,068 $477 $11.93
Alaska $32,021 $2,668 $615 $15.40
Arizona $28,163 $2,346 $541 $13.54
Arkansas $28,008 $2,334 $538 $13.47
California $29,562 $2,463 $568 $14.21
Colorado $29,068 $2,425 $559 $13.98
Connecticut $33,122 $2,760 $626 $15,92
Delaware $28,982 $2,415 $557 $13.93
Florida $24,151 $2,012 $464 $11.61
Georgia $22,334 $1,861 $429 $10.74
Hawaii $33,849 $2,820 $650 $16.27
Idaho $29,323 $2,443 $563 $14.10
Illinois $26,527 $2,210 $510 $12.75
Indiana $27,358 $2,279 $526 $13.15
Iowa $30,588 $2,549 $588 $14.71
Kansas $28,554 $2,379 $549 $13.73
Kentucky $27,376 $2,281 $526 $13.10
Louisiana $26,752 $2,229 $514 $12.86
Maine $27,877 $2,323 $536 $13.40
Maryland $30,603 $2,550 $588 $14.71
Massachusetts $33,367 $2,803 $646 $16.17
Michigan $27.192 $2,266 $522 $13.07
Minnesota $33,427 $2,785 $642 $16.07
Mississippi $28,190 $2,349 $542 $13.55
Missouri $26,598 $2,216 $511 $12.79
Montana $27,895 $2,324 $536 $13.41
Nebraska $29,150 $2,429 $560 $14.01
Nevada $33,487 $2,790 $643 $16.10
New Hampshire $30,000 $2,500 $576 $14.42
New Jersey $27,985 $2,330 $537 $13.45
New Mexico $30,603 $2,550 $588 $14.71
New York $31,978 $2,664 $614 $15.37
North Carolina $23,890 $1,990 $459 $11.49
North Dakota $31,515 $2,625 $608 $15.15
Ohio $31,627 $2,635 $608 $15.1
Oklahoma $27,541 $2,295 $529 $13.24
Oregon $32,143 $2,667 $618 $15.45
Pennsylvania $26,297 $2,191 $505 $12.64
Rhode Island $32,379 $2,698 $622 $15.57
South Carolina $28,504 $2,375 $548 $13.70
South Dakota $29,983 $2,498 $576 $14.42
Tennessee $34,607 $2,883 $665 $16.64
Texas $25,850 $2,154 $497 $12.43
Utah $30,269 $2,552 $582 $14.55
Vermont $29,225 $2,435 $562 $14.05
Virginia $29,844 $2,487 $573 $14.35
Washington $32,264 $2,688 $620 $15.51
West Virginia $25,810 $2,150 $496 $12.41
Wisconsin $32,133 $2,677 $617 $15.45
Wyoming $28,068 $2,339 $539 $13.49

According to ZipRecruiter, the highest-paying states to work for Ulta include Tennessee, Hawaii, and Massachusetts. Conversely, the states with the lowest pay rates for Ulta include Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida.

Why Work for Ulta

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Working for Ulta offers endless career opportunities and room for growth. On average, the company has a 70 percent rate for promoting employees internally, putting thousands of women into managerial roles. In addition, the company believes in offering diverse opportunities, allowing employees to pursue their interests and passions.

How easy is it to get hired at Ulta?

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Getting hired at Ulta is a simple and relatively quick process. Most new Beauty Advisors are employed within two weeks of applying. The number of steps and timeframe involved in the hiring process depends upon the role a person is applying for. Though no experience is necessary, the ease of getting hired to work at Ulta may be improved based on a person's background and education.

Do Employees Have to Stay After the Store Has Closed for the Night?

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Employees do need to stay after the store closes for routine end-of-day paperwork, cleaning, and restocking. Typically, employees remain after closing for about one hour unless there is an entire floor move, which can take between three and eight hours.

Working for Ulta can provide you with many personal and professional growth opportunities. Helping others find the beauty products they need and offering makeup and skincare guidance can be very rewarding. If you love beauty products, Ulta is the perfect place to work with a product you love.

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