Men's Wearhouse is a well-established business that caters to the no-fuss office crowd. Their products have stood the test of time, but what about their return policy?

Men's Wearhouse lets you return items up to 90 day after the sale or ship date. Items returned must be in unused condition. The company may, or may not, take returns for customized or altered attire.

Let’s check out the full Men's Wearhouse return policy and how you can use it to your advantage.

The Men's Wearhouse Return Policy

You have a few options when it comes to making a Men's Wearhouse return.

The first thing you need to know about a Men's Wearhouse return is that you're going to have up to 90 days to get a full refund. All items purchased at Men's Wearhouse can be returned within 90 days of the original purchase date. There are a few exceptions we need to look at.

Custom orders from Men's Wearhouse are only able to be returned at the discretion of the manager at your local Men's Wearhouse store. Custom orders may not be returnable, but there is a good chance that you can get alterations to make your clothing fit better.

Online orders from Men's Wearhouse can be returned to any store. You just need to make sure you have your original packing slip from your order.

Returns will always be placed on the original card you made the purchase with. If you return a cash purchase in store and there is not enough cash in the register, you will be issued a check from Men's Wearhouse corporate within 14 days of your return.

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How To Return A Men's Wearhouse Item (Step-By-Step Instructions)

Men's Wearhouse gives you a few options for how you want to handle your return. Returns can either be mailed back to Men's Wearhouse or they can be returned in store. Here’s how you would handle either return to Men's Wearhouse.

Returning Men's Wearhouse In-Store

Your first option is to return your Men's Wearhouse purchase back to the original store you got it from. This is often the easiest and fastest way to return purchases to this retailer. Follow these steps to get the best results for your return.

  1. Gather your items and their original packaging if any
  2. Get your packing slip or receipt
  3. Take your items to your local Men's Wearhouse
  4. The Customer Service counter will handle your returns

Men's Wearhouse Online Returns

You can also have your items sent back to Men's Wearhouse online. You can do this by using your order number and email to print a shipping label here. This will let you pack your items and send them back to Men's Wearhouse.

This might take a while to get your return. This is due to shipping time combining with however long it takes a Men's Wearhouse representative to process your refund. Men's Wearhouse does not list an official wait time for online returns.

Can I Return An Item To Men's Wearhouse Without The Original Package?

man hands putting a tie on a mens wearhouse suit cover bag

You can return items to Men's Wearhouse without needing the original packaging. Most items for Men's Wearhouse ship with minimal packaging which means that you can take them back to the store without the original packages.

It's worth noting that some returns are at the discretion of managers at Men's Wearhouse. You'll have an easier job returning items if you retain original packaging and tags.

Online orders might have no packaging or different packaging. They can still be returned in store for a full refund.

How Long Do You Have To Return An Item To Men's Wearhouse?

There are several tiers for the return windows you have for items purchased at Men's Wearhouse. Almost every item purchased at Men's Wearhouse has a 90-day return window from the day of purchase or the day your order is shipped from their website. Custom orders are subject to separate terms that will be specified on the receipt for your custom order.

Clothing that you've had altered at Men's Warehouse has its own set of rules when it comes to returns, exchanges, and alterations. Custom and tailored clothing can only be returned based on the amount of time you have on your custom order receipt. You might not be able to return those orders at all depending on what the local store manager has to say.

Altered orders also might have no time to return them. Men’s Wearhouse suggests you try to have the clothing altered again to ensure a good fit, but you might also be able to get a store credit for those orders even if you had no time to get the return done.

What should you do about your Men’s Wearhouse return after 90 days? The good news here is that Men’s Wearhouse offers returns for store credit after 90 days. There is no official end date for their return policy, but after 90 days it is at the discretion of customer service or management at your local Men’s Wearhouse store.

Does Men's Wearhouse Accept Returns Without A Receipt?

men's wearhouse tailor holding 3 shirts

There’s good news for fans of the Men’s Wearhouse clothing brand, you can make returns without your original receipt. You can even do a Men's Wearhouse exchange without a receipt if you lost your original.

Let’s look at how these returns work with different types of purchases.

Men’s Wearhouse Returns No Receipt

Regular purchases either made online or in person can be returned to any local Men's Wearhouse without the receipt. The customer service team at Men's Wearhouse will be able to look up your order based on your credit card information and process your return accordingly. Returns can only ever be issued to the payment method that was used to make the sale.

Men’s Wearhouse Exchanges Without a Receipt

You can make exchanges without a receipt at your local Men's Wearhouse assuming that you still have the original credit card that you used to make the purchase. Men's Wearhouse will be able to look at the sale and help you facilitate exchange even if you have lost or misplaced your original receipt.

Men’s Wearhouse Custom Orders No Receipt

Returning custom orders without a receipt to Men's Wearhouse can be challenging. You might not be able to return your merchandise to your local Men’s Warehouse if you've had it altered or otherwise customized.

Even with the receipt, Men's Wearhouse is often reluctant to take returns or exchanges on customized or altered clothing. They can do further alterations to help make sure your clothing fits right, but they might not take a return for store credit, cash, or exchange.

Does Men's Wearhouse Offer Full Refunds?

Men's warehouse offers full refunds for their business attire. Any clothing or items you purchased at Men's Wearhouse can be returned for their full value up to 90 days after the purchase. Your refund will be sent to the original payment method.

You can get most of a full refund after 90 days by getting a store credit refund instead of cash back. Men’s Wearhouse might not be able to refund cash purchases at the register, but they will send you a check from their corporate offices within 2 weeks of your return.

How Long Do Men's Wearhouse Refunds Take?

Men's Wearhouse issues their refunds immediately once they're processed. This goes by much faster if you return your items at your local Men's Wearhouse store, but you only have to wait for a small amount of shipping and processing time if you return items online.

There is one thing that can make your Men's Wearhouse refund take several weeks. If you try to get a cash refund at your local Men's Wearhouse store, they might not have enough cash in the register. In fact, they have a corporate policy that says that they do not do cash refunds and amounts over $50.

For cash refunds over $50, Men's Wearhouse will send you a check from their corporate office within two weeks from the date of your return.

Can You Return An Online Purchase To The Store?


Men's Wearhouse allows you to make returns in-store for items you purchased online. You are able to either return those items by mail or find your local Men's Wearhouse and make an in-person return. In-store returns are often much faster than returning items by mail.

What's Men's Wearhouse Customer Service Phone Number?

You can get in touch with Men's Wearhouse through one of their customer service lines. They have a few numbers depending on which department you need to get in touch with. They also have an email address you can reach.

Does Men's Wearhouse Offer Chat Support?

Men's Wearhouse has a solid customer support presence, but they haven’t kept up with modern technology. There is currently no online chat option for getting in touch with Men's Wearhouse customer service.

How Do I Check My Men's Wearhouse Order Status?

Men's Wearhouse has an online platform that you can use to track your order status. You can check Men's Wearhouse order status with your Men's Wearhouse account sign in.

This will have all of the information you need to start a return. If you ever lose your order information, you can find it in your Men's Wearhouse account.

What Items Can Not Be Returned To Men's Wearhouse?

There are a few items that can not be returned to Men's Wearhouse.

Men's Wearhouse will not take returns for used items. They will also refuse returns for any item that is no longer in salable condition.

You should make sure that your items are in good shape and that they are ready to be returned. Items with factory defects should be noted immediately in order to avoid problems with your return or exchange at Men's Wearhouse.


We give Men's Wearhouse a 4.5 out of 5 for their return policy. Here’s why:

Men's Wearhouse is a rare company that has a flexible and useful return policy. 90 days is more than enough time to ensure that your clothing fits great. The option to return your items in store lets you work with a face-to-face person to find a solution for your problems.

The only big downside is that Men's Wearhouse doesn’t have a good return policy for their custom and altered clothing. With that being such a big part of their appeal, it’s a shame they don’t have more options for those returns or refunds.

This is why we give Men's Wearhouse a 4.5/5 for their return, exchange, and refund policy.