When you buy from Raymour & Flanigan, you can rest assured that you will benefit from the retailer's return policy if you want to send back an item. Consumers interested in learning more about the Raymour & Flanigan return policy will be happy to know that the retailer does accept returns if customers begin the return process soon enough after making furniture purchases from the company. Read on to learn more about the return process and policy when you buy furniture from this major American retailer.

What's Raymour & Flanigan's Returns Policy?

It's possible to return items to Raymour & Flanigan after they have been delivered to your home. However, it's generally required for items that are returned to this retailer to be returned in brand new condition.

Items are carefully inspected by Raymour & Flanigan before they are delivered to a purchaser's home. This makes it so that it is rare for items to arrive damaged when they are bought from this retailer. If you do receive a damaged item, you need to make sure that you let the retailer know about the damages if you want to return the item in question. Another requirement to return items to Raymour & Flanigan is that they have to be in their original packaging when they are returned. Do your best to repackage the item as it was when arrived at your home if you want to return it to Raymour & Flanigan.

One of the most important factors to consider is the return window. You will generally be required to send in a request to return an item within 72 hours of having that item delivered to your home. If you wait longer than 72 hours, you may not be eligible for a return. You can always call Raymour & Flanigan and explain your situation if any of these requirements are not met when you want to return an item.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is a restocking fee when you return items to Raymour & Flanigan. Though you can get a refund on items returned, your refund amount will be minus a 15 percent restocking fee for returned furniture items. If you are returning an area rug, a 10 percent restocking fee will come out of your refund amount.

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Can You Return Your Purchase to Raymour & Flanigan without the box or original package?

If you want to return an item to Raymour & Flanigan without the box, it's best to contact the retailer directly. You are usually expected to return items from Raymour & Flanigan in their original packaging. However, many furniture items will come with little or no packaging when they are delivered to your home. If the original packaging is damaged or incomplete, discuss the possibility of returning the item in question by calling customer service at 1-888-729-6687.

How Long Do I have to Return an Item to Raymour & Flanigan ?


The length of time will typically be around 72 hours. If you have a new item delivered to your home, you should make sure that you begin the return process within 72 hours. If you wait longer than this, you might struggle to successfully have a refund on a return item.

One exception would be if you have warranty coverage on your furniture piece. Raymour & Flanigan offers a 5-year protection plan. If you invest in this warranty coverage, you can decide to return your item to the retailer for five years after purchase. Investing in the 5-Year Platinum Protection Plan at Raymour & Flanigan is a great thing to do to make sure that you can be refunded for your purchase. Not only can you enjoy a refund, but you can also get repair costs on your furniture piece covered if you invest in this type of coverage.

Does Raymour & Flanigan Accept Returns Without a Receipt?

When it comes to Raymour & Flanigan returns without a receipt, you might find yourself struggling to get a refund for returning items from this retailer.

Fortunately, most consumers will have some record of their purchase when they buy a piece of furniture or another home accessory from Raymour & Flanigan. When you have an item delivered to your home, you should receive a record of the delivery that you can use as your proof of purchase when you return an item to Raymour & Flanigan.

Does Raymour & Flanigan offer full refunds?

Customers wondering does Raymour & Flanigan offer full refunds need to understand that they will not get a full refund from this retailer. There are always restocking fees on items returned to the company. When it comes to standard furniture items, the restocking fee is 15 percent of the value of the item in question. When it comes to area rugs, the restocking fee is 10 percent of the item's value. Customers can only get a refund on returned mattresses within 45 days of purchase if they have gotten the Platinum Protection Plan when they first bought their mattress.

How Long do Raymour & Flanigan refunds take?

The speed with which you will receive your refund from Raymour & Flanigan may depend on the payment method you used when you first purchased the item in question. If you paid in cash, you may receive a cash refund immediately. If you paid on a debit or credit card, your card should be credited promptly for the charge. However, it may take your bank or credit card company several days to process the return. If you have more questions on how long do Raymour & Flanigan refunds take, feel free to contact the retailer directly with these questions.

Can You Return a Raymour & Flanigan Online Purchase to The Store?

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Yes. Online purchase returns with Raymour & Flanigan work similarly to how in-store purchase returns work. In both cases, you will have 72 hours to begin the return process. If you want to start to return an online purchase to the store, you can go online or call Raymour & Flanigan to get your return started.

What's Raymour & Flanigan's customer service phone number?

You should look up the customer service phone number and call it if you want to return a Raymour & Flanigan item. The number to call for returns to this retailer is 1 (866) 383-4484.

Does Raymour & Flanigan offer chat support ?

One convenient feature you can enjoy when you do business with Raymour & Flanigan is the chat feature. You can get chat support for a return to this company by clicking on the "Chat" window in the bottom right-hand corner of the Raymour & Flanigan website.

How Can You Return a Raymour & Flanigan Item?

The best way to get started with returning an item to Raymour & Flanigan is to call this retailer. For returns, you can call 1 (866) 383-4484.

When you call in about your return, you'll be asked a few questions about your purchase. You'll be asked when the item was purchased and when the item was delivered to your home. You also may be asked why you want to return the item. In some cases, items are returned because they are defective in some way. If this is the case, then you need to let the customer service representative know how the item is defective. You also should let the customer service representative know if the item was damaged somehow during delivery.

You'll need to arrange for the item to be picked up from your home so that you can return it. You'll also want to let the customer service representative know what the payment method was. The payment method may determine how you will be refunded for the purchase.

How Do I Check my Raymour & Flanigan order status?


When you're excited about the delivery of your Raymour & Flanigan item, you may want to check Raymour & Flanigan order status. Fortunately, Raymour & Flanigan offers a great order tracking feature. Visit the company's website when you want to check on the order status for your item.

The website for Raymour & Flanigan has an order tracker page. The only information you need to look up where your order is at the moment is your phone number and your order number. Simply enter these two pieces of information on the website. You will then quickly be able to look up information on where your delivery is at the moment and what day your order is going to arrive at your home on.

If you have trouble using the order tracker or have more questions about your order, you can call Raymour & Flanigan directly to get the information that you're looking for.

What items can not be returned to Raymour & Flanigan ?

Those wondering what items can not be returned to Raymour & Flanigan should know that there aren't really any returns that the retailer outright won't accept. However, most returns won't be accepted if the purchaser has waited longer than three days to return the item in question after purchase. Purchasers should also note that they do have to pay restocking fees even if the return that they are submitting to Raymour & Flanigan is honored and refunded.

Customers of Raymour & Flanigan enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that they'll have options when it comes to returning orders. This retailer is a popular American furniture retailer thanks not only to the return and refund options offered, but also the quality of the furniture products sold.

Buy furniture from Raymour & Flanigan and you get great customer service and refund options. Furthermore, you'll get warranty coverage options thanks to the Raymour & Flanigan Platinum Protection Plan!


Raymour & Flanigan scores 3.0 out of 5 in terms of the overall rating of its return policies. Many customers have a good experience when returning items and are readily able to get refunds on items that they decide not to keep. While you can return items to this retailer if you meet certain restrictions, you may find that many other retailers out there offer more lenient return policies.