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Crosman Alternatives & Competitors

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Users' Rating has been a significant player in the airgun industry, providing enthusiasts with a variety of air rifles, air pistols, and related accessories for several decades. Founded in the early 1920s, Crosman has developed a reputation for innovation and quality. Their products cater to both recreational shooters and pest controllers, offering a range of models from beginner-friendly airguns to high-powered rifles for the more experienced.

Exploring the Airgun Market: A Look at Crosman and Its Competitors

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As the airgun market has expanded, so has the number of competitors in the space. Each brings something unique to the table, whether it's specialized technology, a broader range of products, or a focus on a particular segment of the market. This article will explore how Crosman stands up against its major competitors, helping you understand where it might fit into your airgun shopping decisions.

Let's dive into the world of airguns and see how Crosman compares to others in the field.

Crosman Competitors Breakdown

Pyramyd AIR

Pyramyd Air is one of Crosman's most direct competitors, boasting a vast selection of airguns, including rifles and pistols, along with a myriad of accessories. They are known for providing extensive customer education materials, which makes them a go-to for both beginners and experienced shooters.

Compared to Crosman, Pyramyd Air focuses heavily on community engagement and education, often hosting airgun competitions and educational events. This makes them not just a retailer but a hub for airgun enthusiasts.

Airgun Depot

Air Gun Depot offers a similar range of products to Crosman, from entry-level airguns to more advanced systems. They also provide a wealth of information, including reviews and how-to guides, which can be particularly beneficial for those new to the hobby or looking to upgrade.

Their competitive edge lies in their user-friendly website and customer-centric services, making shopping for airguns and accessories straightforward and hassle-free.

Umarex USA

Umarex USA specializes in replica air guns and high-quality airsoft products, making them a unique player in the market. While they cater to a slightly different audience, they remain a significant competitor to Crosman, particularly in the replica and tactical segments.

Their focus on innovation in areas like CO2 efficiency and realistic blowback features puts them at the forefront of the tactical training market, appealing to a niche yet growing segment of enthusiasts.

  • Innovative CO2 efficiency
  • Realistic blowback features
  • Limited traditional airgun options

Sportsmans Guide

Sportsman's Guide offers a wide array of hunting and outdoor gear, including a selection of airguns. Their competitive pricing and frequent sales make them a popular choice for those looking to get the most value for their money.

While they offer fewer specialized airguns than Crosman, their broad approach to outdoor gear makes them a one-stop-shop for many outdoors enthusiasts, potentially diverting customers from more specialized stores.

As a dedicated airgun store, Airguns USA focuses intensely on providing a wide range of airguns, like Crosman. They differentiate themselves with a strong emphasis on American-made products and exceptional customer service.

Their specialization in domestic products appeals to a segment of the market that values American craftsmanship, which can sway some of Crosman's potential customers.


Daisy is a classic American brand that has been synonymous with beginner airguns and BB guns. Their focus on youth and entry-level products places them in direct competition with Crosman's similar ranges.

Although their product depth in high-powered airguns isn't as extensive as Crosman's, Daisy's strong brand recognition and loyalty among first-time users pose a competitive challenge.

Gamo Outdoor USA | Rogers AR

Gamo specializes in high-powered, precision air rifles designed for pest control and hunting. Their focus on advanced technology and performance in air rifles makes them a formidable competitor to Crosman's similar product lines.

Gamo's commitment to innovation, such as their Whisper noise reduction technology, attracts a dedicated following among hunting enthusiasts, which directly competes with Crosman's market share.

Hatsan USA is known for their durable and powerful airguns, appealing to both hunters and competitive shooters. Their robust build quality and the inclusion of features like adjustable triggers and pneumatic power systems make them a strong competitor.

Comparatively, Hatsan's focus on high-performance and customizable features can make Crosman's offerings seem less attractive to a segment of the market that prioritizes these aspects.


Sig Sauer, primarily known for their firearms, also offers a line of advanced airgun replicas which are popular among enthusiasts looking for training tools that mimic real firearm handling.

Their high-quality construction and focus on realism in training scenarios provide a niche but significant competition to Crosman, particularly for customers looking for airgun experiences that closely resemble traditional firearm usage.

Benjamin Airguns | East Bloomfield NY

Benjamin Airguns, which is actually a brand under Crosman, specializes in high-powered, precision air rifles and hunting airguns. They stand out with innovations like the Nitro Piston technology, which offers a smoother and quieter shooting experience.

While Benjamin operates under Crosman, their brand identity and product focus cater to a slightly different market segment, emphasizing premium performance and technological advancements.

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