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Customers of The Children's Place will be pleased to know that the company does accept returns according to certain conditions.

What's The Children's Place Return Policy?

The Children's Place accepts returns of products bought both at physical store locations and over the Internet. Customers wishing to return an item to The Children's Place should know that items cannot be defective in any way if they are willing to return it for a full refund.

The item must be unworn, unwashed, and must have its price tags attached in order to be accepted. Another requirement for returning an item to The Children's Place is having the original receipt available. For customers who ordered items online, it's also necessary to submit the packing slip in order to get the refund. Customers who return an item using a gift receipt receive a merchandise credit as a return instead of a refund of the purchase amount.

According to The Children's Place return policy, customers have 45 days to return items for a full refund. After 45 days, returns are no longer accepted. Once returns are accepted and processed, a refund is made to the original form of payment that was used to purchase the item. In situations where the original payment form is no longer available to be credited, customers are provided with a merchandise credit for their refund.

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Can I Return an Item to The Children's Place Without the Box or Original Package?

If you want to return an item to The Children's Place without the box, you should be able to do this as long as you have the receipt for the original purchase. Another requirement is that any original tags are still on the items that are going to be returned.

You can contact The Children's Place customer service if you have any questions about how the items you're returning must be packaged. Purchases made in store don't typically come along with any packaging. Purchases made by mail do not typically need to be sent back in the same package in which they were delivered.

How Long Do You have to Return an Item to The Children's Place ?

The time limit for returning items to The Children's Place is 45 days. After 45 days have passed from the date of a purchase, it is no longer possible to return items to The Children's Place. There are no exceptions to this time limit. When customers make a return, they must include proof of purchase that shows the date on which the item was initially purchased.

Does The Children's Place Accept Returns Without a Receipt?

kids carrying the children's place shopping bags

Customers who wish to return an item to The Children's Place but no longer have the receipt will typically not be able to return their item. The receipt is necessary to prove the date and location of purchase for the item.

Unfortunately, an exchange without receipt is not possible either, so customers need to make sure that they keep track of their receipts until they're certain that they don't want to return their item. Customers are also expected to have their original packing slip for any item they wish to return that was delivered to their home.

Does The Children's Place Offer Full Refunds?

Yes, however, you will have to pay any costs that your return involves. Customers who return an item by mail must pay any return shipping costs to send the item back to The Children'sPlace and the return can be fully processed.

The Children's Place suggests customers to make sure that they insure packages they send back because the company does not compensate customers for return packages that become lost in the mail. It's also a good idea for customers to get a tracking number on packages that they are returning. This will allow them to know when the packages will arrive at The Children'sPlace Returns Department.

How Long do The Children's Place refunds take?

Once a customer returns a The Children's Place purchase to the company, the refund should be immediately issued to the credit or debit card that was used to purchase it. However, it may take the customer's credit or debit card company several days to process the return.

If customers receive a refund on an item that was purchased by a check, there is a ten-day waiting period before they will receive a cash refund for that purchase.

Can You Return an Online Purchase to a Physical Store?


In most cases, customers are able to return purchases that they made online either by mail or to a physical store location. However, despite that online exclusive items are elegible to be returned at a physical store, they're not elegible to exchange them.

If you wish to return your online order to a store, you should also know that customer service representatives at the store are not able to look up any information on online orders. That's why it's essential for customers to bring all the needed information on their receipt and/or packing slip when they visit a store location to return an online order.

What's The Children's Place customer service phone number?

The customer service phone number for The Children's Place is 1-877-752-2387 for customers calling from the United States. Customer service is available by phone at this number from Monday through Friday between 9 am to 7 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm.

Does The Children's Place offer chat support ?

The Children's Place does not currently offer chat support. Fortunately, there are numerous other communication channels that customers can use when they need to get in touch with The Children's Place about return issues. Customer service by phone is offered six days a week. Customers can also reach The Children's Place by email for assistance on returns or other matters.

How to Return an The Children's Place Item

You will usually have two options when you return an item to The Children's Place: You can return you item either in store or by mail.

If you want to make a return to a store location, you need to have the item and your receipt for the purchase. If your item was bought online, you should also bring in the packing slip. Another thing that you should bring along is the credit or debit card that you used to purchase the item. You can then present these items to a customer service staff member at the store and your return can be processed.

Customers can conveniently return an item by mail so that they don't have to visit a store location. However, they will need to go through a few important steps to prepare a package to be returned to The Children's Place by mail.

If you want to return a purchase by mail, you will need to find the "Return Form" that should be located at the bottom of your packing slip. You have to fill out this form and indicate which items you are returning. You also need to provide a return reason using the appropriate code on this form. You will be asked to provide contact information on the "Return Form". Mail the item along with the "Return Form" to the following address:
Returns Department
1377 Airport Road
Ft. Payne, AL 35968

Once items are received by The Children's Place, they will be inspected for any signs of wear or damage. If a product is determined to be defective, The Children's Place will not issue a refund.

The Children's Place reserves the right to make decisions on the status of returned items. If an item is deemed to be defective, the return may be refused and the item discarded with no refund.

How Do I Check my The Children's Place order status?

You can check the status of your orders by using The Children's Place website. Being able to check an order status makes it more convenient to buy products online from The Children's Place. You can visit the company's website to track your order.

Under the "Shipping & Tracking" heading on the website, customers can select "Track An Order" to find out where their item is. They can also use this feature of the website to check on shipping methods and fees. If you want to check The Children's Place order status, you can use this link.

What items Cannot be Returned to The Children's Place ?


Customers can return any item bought from The Children's Place as long as they do so within 45 days and the item is not damaged in any way. Customers are not able to return an item that was bought more than 45 days previously. Also, customers can not return items that are defective or items that have been washed. Customers also cannot return an item once they have removed price tags from it.

Another thing that customers should note is that they must return their item in the country in which it was originally purchased. The Children's Place runs stores in Canada and in numerous international locations run by franchise partners. Customers must return items bought in international locations at these locations. Also, customers cannot return items purchased in a store in the United States to a store location in any other country.

The Bottom Line

The return & refund policy of The Children's Place scores a 3.0 out of 5. While The Children's Place provides a fairly generous window of 45 days for sending in returns, customers will find that there are also some limitations if they are trying to return items for which they have lost the receipt. It's important for customers to keep track of their receipts and submit their returns promptly to make sure that they'll be able to get a full refund for any product from The Children's Place that they don't wish to keep.

Another limitation when it comes to this company's return and refund policy is that customers must cover the costs of shipping returned items back to the company.