Victoria’s Secret has done a fantastic job of maintaining positive brand awareness. Currently, the brand awareness of this company is at 85 percent. This statistic means most consumers easily recognize the company’s logo and identify Victoria’s Secret as selling lingerie, bras, underwear, and personal care items, such as perfume, lotions, and soaps.

In addition to such a high brand awareness, approximately 23 percent of customers claimed in a survey they would shop with Victoria’s Secret again. Plus, 85 percent of their customers have shown loyalty to the brand, shopping for all their intimate clothing and undergarment needs.

What is Victoria’s Secret Return and Exchange Policy?

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Victoria’s Secret has a very liberal return and exchange policy. Any item(s) you have purchased and don’t love may be exchanged or returned within 30 days. All items returned to Victoria's Secret must be unwashed, unworn, and in their original condition.

Merchandise returns are refunded to the original form of payment. Return refund processing times for credit and debit cards may take up to three to five business days, depending upon your bank’s policies.

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Can I return an item to Victoria’s Secret without a receipt?

It is possible to return an item to Victoria’s Secret if you no longer have the receipt. The refund for your return will be issued as a store credit and based upon the lowest selling price for the item.

To complete the return without a receipt, you must show a valid Photo ID. Victoria’s Secret keeps track of your returns without a receipt and reserves the right to limit the number of these types of returns.

Does Victoria’s Secret offer free returns?

Victoria’s Secret offers free returns for online purchases. When sending a return to the company, you will be given a Free Return Label. The free return option is only available for orders shipped within the United States.

Additionally, to qualify for free returns, you must return your unwanted items to Victoria’s Secret within the 30-day return window.

What is Victoria’s Secret’s return policy after 30 days?

Victoria’s Secret offers a 30-day money-back return policy. However, if it has been more than 30 days since your purchase, you may still be able to return your items. However, any return accepted after 30 days will be for store credit for future purchases.

What is Victoria’s Secret’s return policy after 90 days?

At one time, Victoria’s Secret offered a 90-day return policy to allow you time to determine if you are satisfied with your purchase. However, today, they only offer a 30-day money-back return policy. Anything past the 30 days may be accepted for a return, but only in the form of a store credit.

Can I return perfume to Victoria’s Secret?

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Any items you purchase from Victoria’s Secret and don’t love may be returned for a full refund. This includes perfumes, body lotions, and other personal care products. Like all other items returned to Victoria’s Secret, these items must not be opened, must be in their original condition, and must be returned within 30 days with a store receipt.

Can I return a damaged item to Victoria’s Secret?

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All items returned to Victoria’s Secret must be unwashed, unworn, and in their original condition. Unless the item you purchased was damaged during shipping or you purchased a defective item, damaged items cannot be returned.

Can I return or exchange a Victoria’s Secret bra?

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All items, including a Victoria’s Secret bra, can be returned to a Victoria's Secret store for a full refund within 30 days. You must have a valid receipt, and the bra must be in unworn, unwashed, and original condition with tags.

Can I return a broken Victoria’s Secret bra?

If you purchased a bra and, upon wearing it, realize it has been broken or is faulty, it might still be possible to return the item to Victoria’s Secret. As long as the damaged bra being returned was not intentionally damaged and resulted from a faulty design, you can return the item.

Can I return an old Victoria’s Secret bra?

You may be able to return old Victoria’s Secret bras as long as they are in unworn, unwashed, and undamaged condition. All packing, tags, and labels must be original and undamaged. Though it is best to follow the 30-day return policy guidelines, it may be possible to return an old bra. See your local store for guidance about returning an old Victoria’s Secret bra.

Can I return or exchange Victoria’s Secret underwear?

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If you are within the return time frame, you can return or exchange Victoria’s Secret underwear. Additionally, it must be unworn, unwashed, and in original condition to return or exchange underwear.

How can I contact Victoria’s Secret customer care about a return?

If you have questions about returning items to Victoria’s Secret, contact them via their online customer care support chat. The chat is available 24/7, and their specialists can help answer all your questions.

How do I return an item to Victoria’s Secret?

When returning an item to Victoria’s Secret, you have two options. If you purchased the items in the store, you must return them to the store. If you bought Victoria's Secret items online, you can mail them or return them to the store.

Can I return items to Victoria’s Secret by mail?

You can do so via USPS mail if you purchased the items you want to return online. To return orders through the mail, follow these steps:

  1. Package items, including the packing slip that came with your order.
  2. Follow the instructions online to print a free USPS return label.
  3. Affix the return label to the package using clear tape.
  4. Drop off your return at any USPS location.

What is Victoria’s Secret’s return address?

If you are not using a free shipping label from Victoria’s Secrets, you can return your items to the following address:

ATTN: Returns Processing
8695 E. Broad Street
Reynoldsburg, OH 43069

Can I return an online order to Victoria’s Secret in the store?

If you purchased your items online through Victoria’s Secret or PINK store, you can return those items to a brick-and-mortar store location within 30 days of the items being shipped.

Can I return Victoria’s Secret items purchased on sale or clearance?

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Any items you are not 100 percent satisfied with may be returned or exchanged at Victoria’s Secret. This includes sale and clearance items that are unwashed, unworn, and in their original condition.

How do I return a gift from Victoria’s Secret?

If you return a gift with the gift receipt, you may qualify for a cash refund. (Varies by location.) If you return a gift without the receipt, you will be eligible for a store credit based on the lowest selling price for the items.

Victoria’s Secret has one of the more liberal return policies; however, they are strict on the conditions in which the items must be returned. Because of the condition of items being returned, and no returns accepted for a refund after 30 days, we give Victoria’s Secret a score of 4.0