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American Tall carved its niche in the fashion industry by addressing the specific needs of tall individuals. Since its inception, the brand has been on a mission to offer stylish and well-fitted clothing for those who tower above the standard sizes. The quest began with the recognition that tall men and women often struggle to find clothing that fits both their length and lifestyle, leading to the establishment of

American Tall's Journey and its Formidable Rivals

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With a focus on quality materials, contemporary designs, and a size range that caters to those up to 7 feet tall, American Tall quickly stood out. The brand's attention to detail and dedication to its audience allowed it to grow a loyal customer base. The journey has not been without competition, though. Several other brands have noticed the gap in the market and have risen to meet the demand for tall sizes.

In this article, we'll explore how these competitors stack up against American Tall. Whether they offer a similar range of products, specialize in certain items, or bring something unique to the table, each competitor has its own strengths and challenges when it comes to clothing the tall community.

American Tall Competitors Breakdown

TallSlim Tees

TallSlim Tees is a brand that directly competes with American Tall by offering a range of clothing designed for the tall, slim man. Their niche focus on slim fits distinguishes them from other brands that may cater to a broader range of body types. With an emphasis on casual wear, such as t-shirts and hoodies, TallSlim Tees provides an option for those seeking comfort and a more tailored fit.

However, their narrower focus on slim profiles means that they may not cater to the full spectrum of tall individuals, particularly those with a more athletic or broad build. This is where American Tall's wider range of fits can appeal to a larger audience. is based in the UK and serves as another contender in the tall men's clothing market. They boast a selection that includes not just casual wear but also footwear and accessories, providing a one-stop-shop for tall men's fashion needs. Their international presence brings a different set of challenges for American Tall, particularly in terms of shipping and accessibility for customers across the pond.

For those tall individuals within the UK and Europe,'s convenient location may offer faster shipping and potentially lower costs, which are important considerations for international customers.

Tall and All is a brand that has been specializing in clothing for tall women for over 30 years. Their experience and dedication to this particular demographic make them a strong competitor for American Tall, which also caters to tall women. Tall and All's commitment to providing a wide range of stylish options for women above average height mirrors American Tall's approach to the male market.

The brand's longevity and understanding of tall women's needs are key to its success, presenting a challenge for newer entrants like American Tall who are still working to establish their reputation in the women's tall market.

Long Tall Sally

Long Tall Sally has been a pioneer in the tall women's clothing industry, offering everything from jeans to formal wear. Their comprehensive range and international reach have made them a household name for tall women. American Tall's entrance into this market pits them against a well-established brand with a loyal following.

Long Tall Sally's focus on fashion-forward styles and a broad size range means that American Tall must continue to innovate and expand their offerings to keep pace with such an experienced competitor. specializes in footwear that not only fits the larger foot but also offers height-increasing options. While American Tall focuses on clothing, the importance of shoes in completing an outfit means that is a relevant competitor. They address a niche within the tall market that is often overlooked by other clothing brands.

For American Tall customers seeking shoes that complement their apparel purchases, might be a necessary additional shopping destination, which could pull business away from American Tall if they ever decide to expand into footwear.

Big and Tall Mart is a direct competitor, catering to a similar demographic as American Tall. They offer a wide range of clothing options for both big and tall men, including workwear and casual clothing. Their competitive pricing and extensive selection pose a challenge to American Tall, particularly in the value-focused segment of the market.

However, American Tall's focus on a more modern, tailored fit may appeal to a different customer base than Big and Tall Mart's more traditional offerings.

Westport Big & Tall

Westport Big & Tall provides premium clothing for big and tall men. They emphasize quality and luxury brands, which places them at a higher end of the market compared to American Tall. For customers looking for upscale clothing options, Westport Big & Tall is a go-to competitor.

While American Tall offers quality apparel, the brand may need to consider how to differentiate itself and communicate value to customers who have a penchant for luxury goods.

DXL Big + Tall

Destination XL (DXL) is a powerhouse in the big and tall men's clothing market, with a vast selection of brands and styles. Their physical store presence and extensive online catalog make them a formidable competitor to American Tall. DXL's convenience and variety can attract customers looking for a one-stop shopping experience.

American Tall's challenge lies in competing with DXL's brand recognition and the convenience of trying on clothes in a physical store setting.

  • Wide selection of brands and styles
  • Physical stores for trying on clothes
  • Extensive online catalog
  • May not focus exclusively on tall sizes
  • Pricing can vary significantly across brands
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